From the President – June, 2014

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

The nominating committee, consisting of Darlene Bright, Lois Taylor and myself, has been hard at work filling the positions for Officers and Board members for the 2014-2015 year.

We will vote on the slate of nominees at our July meeting.

President: Elaine Henson

Vice President: Tony Phillips

Secretary: Juanita Winner

Treasurer: Demetria Sapienza

Nominees for the Board of Directors:
John Gordon, Byron Moore, Barry Nelder, Jean Stewart and Andre’ Blouin.


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Federal Point Historic Preservation Society

Current Officers – 6/1/14

President – Barry Nelder
Vice-President – Juanita Winner
Secretary – Lois Taylor
Treasurer – Demetria Sapienza

Current Directors – 6/1/14
John Gordon (Chairman)
Elaine Henson
Byron Moore
Jean Stewart
Cheri McNeill
Skippy Winner
John Moseley
Leslie Bright
Jim Dugan