The Early Years of Federal Point History Center

The 1990s

♦  June 22, 1994: First Speaker, Catherine Bishir of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Historic Preservation Section

♦  October 21, 22, 23, 1994: First fundraiser “Ocean Plaza Ballroom Blast” Featuring Chicken Hicks

♦  Fall 1994: First Newsletter, editor Sandy Jackson

Ballroom Blast, 1994

♦  December 1994 – October 1995: First Preservation Campaign – Protection and preservation of the historic plantation ruins of  Sedgeley Abbey

♦  March 1995: Lighthouse logo, created by Martin Peebles, adopted

♦  Spring 1995: Agreement with Town of Carolina Beach for the construction of the Beauregard Shipwreck Overlook

♦  April 1995: Bingo fundraiser

♦  Spring 1995: Ocean Plaza and Joy Lee Apartments nominated to the National Register of Historic Places

♦  July 1995: Fort Fisher Revetment Project, advocacy, support, and ground breaking

♦  October 20-22, 1995: Second Annual Ocean Plaza Reunion

♦  Received $10,000 grant from North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources for compiling an inventory of known historic sites and cartographic inventory of Federal Point, directed by Sandy Jackson

♦  May 26, 1996: Hosted a celebration marking the 50th Anniversary of the Ocean Plaza Building. Wilmington Concert Band performed, followed by a fashion show in keeping with the original opening in 1946

♦  August 18, 1996: Participated in Belk “Preservation Celebration” fundraiser

♦  June 22, 1997: Oakdale Cemetery guided tour by E. F. “Gene” Risley Jr.

Beauregard Shipwreck Overlook

♦  Saturday October 18, 1997: Barbeque fundraiser

♦  November 15, 1997: Traditional Holiday Decorating Workshop, hosted by Fort Fisher State Historic Site, with demonstrations by staff members of Tryon Palace

♦  February, 1998: First Cookbook

♦  February, 1998: House Plaque Committee was formed and drafted guidelines for plaquing historic buildings

♦  March 1998: Published Monuments & Markers of Federal Point, North Carolina compiled by Sandy Jackson

♦  May, 1998: Fundraiser: Raffle of framed art print of the Federal Point Lighthouse by Kay Robbins

♦  Summer, 1998: Entered into an agreement with MOTSU to maintain, prepare signage and protect the Newton Homesite and Graveyard. Work began with construction of a wooden fence

♦  September, 1998: The first historic plaques were awarded to the Loughlin Cottage, Burnett Beach Cottage, and Ocean Plaza Ballroom, all over 50 years old and of significance to the community

♦  December 5, 1998: “Down East” Barbecue fundraiser

Newton Homesite and Cemetery

♦  February, 1999 – Entered into a lease with the Town of Carolina Beach for the Gazebo structure to be converted into the Federal Point History Center

♦  April 1999: Sugar Loaf Battle marker moved from Dow Rd. to Federal Point History Center

♦  May, 1999: First Student Essay Contest open to fifth grade classes at Carolina Beach Elementary School was won by Waverly Jones

♦  May 23, 1999: First fundraising Cruise – Aboard Pirate IV

♦  June 27, 1999: Commemorative Ceremony held celebrating the listing of Newton Homesite and Graveyard in the National Register of Historic Places

♦  October 22, 1999: Ground breaking for renovation of the Gazebo structure to become the Federal Point History Center