Society Notes – January, 2013

Darlene Bright, History Center Director

  • This month we recorded 65 members and guests at our Christmas Party at Kure Memorial Lutheran Church. We had 54 visitors to the History Center throughout the month. The gift shop took in a whopping $361.37 which is an all-time high for the month of December!
  • Thanks to our History Center Volunteers! Cheri McNeill for her always thorough proofing of the newsletter and Lois Taylor for her help getting the Newsletter in the mail.
  • We had a great volunteer crew for the big library shelving installation, including Darlene and Leslie Bright, Don and Sylvia Snook along with Jim Dugan and John Gordon. This project is almost done and we’ve had some really great “strong backs” make it possible.
  • Darlene Bright also spent a good deal of time at the History Center this month getting our historic and current files re-organized and accessible. Next up is getting all the artifacts inventoried and stored properly.
  • Thanks to Carl Filipiak who has begun cataloging all our subject files on Friday mornings! It’s going to be great to have those files indexed in our regular catalog.