Society Notes – Nov. 2020

By Darlene Bright, History Center Director

Fund Raiser!

Just in time for Christmas (or other gift giving occasions).  Help us raise funds by buying something everyone needs.   The Society gets $10.00 for every set of sheets sold. Samples are at the History Center.

Sale ends December 31, 2020!


In Memoriam

 Eddie Capel   1947-2020

It is with heavy hearts that we share the death of our dear treasurer, Eddie Capel.  We always looked forward to the treasurer’s reports filled with his wonderful sense of humor.  He loved our organization and served until the very last weeks of his life.

Eddie grew up in Apex, NC, but his parents had a house on Carolina Beach Avenue North since his growing up years and his family spent summers there. Eddie and his wife, Pam, replaced it with a new house in the 1990s and continued to spend summers at the beach with their children, Jason and Amanda. When Jason married, they added Jane and then grandson, Davis, to the family.  They became full time beach residents a few years ago when they sold their home in Durham and became active members of the FPHPS.  About two years ago, Eddie’s sister, Martha Breslin, built a house behind his facing Canal Drive.  She moved from Massachusetts making them neighbors at the beach where they spent their youth.

Eddie had lots of stories of his younger days on the beach and was a great resource of our history.  He will be sorely missed by his family and many friends.

You can read the obituary at

Longtime member, Earl Page, died on September 10, 2020.  Earl was living in Florida with his son and family.  We send condolences to his loved ones.

Recent Donors – Thank You so Much!

Byron and Judy Moore – Kure Beach, NC

Elaine B. Henson – Wilmington, NC

Dottie Minor, Johnson City, TN

Donald Hatch Jr. – Spring Grove, IL

Jennings & Amanda Nestor – Carolina Beach, NC

Griff Fountain – Winter Haven, FL

Fred & Margaret Crouch, Wilmington, NC

  •  The History Center had 41 visitors in October. The UDC used the center for their monthly meeting.