President’s Message – July 2013

by Barry Nelder

A huge thank-you to Dean Lambeth and the Kure Beach Town Council for approving $1,000 toward the operation of our History Center! Along with the $5,000 approved by the Carolina Beach Town Council these amounts will go a long way in keeping the History Center open for 150 days durng the 2013/2014
budget year; serving the general public, including both locals and visitors.

Nominations: We hold our annual election at the July meeting.

The Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate. Members are welcome to make other nominations from the floor at the meeting.

President: Barry Nelder
Vice President: Juanita Winner
Secretary: Lois Taylor
Treasurer: Demetria Sapienza

Board of Directors:
Thomas Gray
Skippy Winner
Jim Dugan
Leslie Bright