Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce Foundation Honors Us!

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Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce Foundation Honors Us!

At our July board meeting Bruce Holsten who is Chairman of the Pleasure Island Foundation for a Sustainable Community presented the following resolution, along with a wonderfully unexpected $1,000 check. Thanks so very much!


  • A community and its citizens are defined by its history, and this is especially important when it has also played such a critical role in the history not just of our State, but our Country, as well;
  • The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society through its historical and genealogical research, public education, documentation and preservation of key historical sites on and around our Island, has helped preserve the historical integrity of our area for future generations;
  • More importantly, by maintaining the Federal Point History Center, it has enabled thousands of residents and visitors to understand the role our small island played in the founding and preservation of our Country;
  • For over 19 years, your Society has served an important role in helping us all remember and understand that our history is something we should be proud of, and that it deserves the financial support not only of your guests and patrons, but of all the citizens and businesses of this wonderful Island.
  • In recognition of your tireless volunteer services and with great pride that we give you this small financial token of our true appreciation of the work you do, and have done, to preserve our legacy for all to know and enjoy

Bruce Holsten, chairman
Plesaure Island Foundation for a Sustainable Community