Nicole Tumbleson Morris – Speaks on Blackbeard’s History

v20NO8August2013 FINAL PDF-005The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, July 17. 7:30 pm at the Federal Point History Center, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to Carolina Beach Town Hall.

Our July speaker will be Nicole Tumbleson Morris. She will update us on the current work begin done by the Underwater Archaeology Branch (UAB), as they began final recovery efforts of the remains of Blackbeard’s legendary flagship. The team has uncovered incredible artifacts from cannons, anchors and ammunition to the remains of the ship herself hidden in a watery grave for almost 300 years. Each relic from the past breathes new life into the true story of Blackbeard’s reign as history’s most legendary pirate.

Ms. Morris is currently involved in creating a seven part educational web series which will take audiences along for every step of this thrilling adventure. designed to be robust and relevant, providing real world archaeological experiences to reflect the knowledge and skills our young people need for success in college and careers. Students and teachers alike will be able to experience the thrill of discovery as they follow along with our web series and learn about archaeology, conservation, history and of course, pirates!

Ms. Morris is a Maritime Archaeologist currently working for South Eastern Archaeological Services, Inc. as the Project Director and Educational Coordinator. She received a BA in History and Anthropology from the University of Florida and a MA in Anthropology (Maritime Archaeology) from the University of West Florida. Since 2002, she has participated in field research projects on 16th-century Spanish ships, Civil War blockade-runners and blockade vessels and numerous 19th-century ship loss sites. She is currently the Project Director for the Tampa Bay Historical Shipwreck Survey, which resulted in the nomination of Florida’s 12th Underwater Archaeological Preserve. She is also a certified dive instructor who teaches vocational archaeological dive classes that allow divers to participate in ongoing archaeological field research.