Minutes of FPHPS Board Meeting – June 9, 2014

FP History Center

Federal Point History Center

The FPHPS board convened at 7:00 PM on June 9, 2014.  Present were: John Gordon (Chairman), Elaine Henson, Andre’ Blouin, Byron Moore. Demetria Sapienza, Barry Nelder, Juanita Winner, Leslie and Darlene Bright.

The minutes were not read due to a fault of J. Winner, incoming secretary (and other board members who dropped the ball).  A discussion of the minutes followed, including the suggestion that minutes from the general meetings as well as board meetings be posted on the web site.  It was emphasized that board meetings are open to any member who would like to attend and that the decisions made by the board should always be transparent. Beginning with this board meeting the minutes will be emailed to the board members who can, by return email, approve, correct or amend same.  Barry Nelder made the motion to implement this action and Leslie Bright seconded it.

The proposed slate of officers for the 2014-2015 session was presented:

Elaine Henson          – President
Tony Phillips             – Vice President
Demetria Sapienza  – Treasurer
Juanita Winner        – Secretary

With no bias or prejudice, we all agreed that our news letter is excellent. Therefore it was decided that FPHPS news letter should be submitted to the NC Cultural Resource Dept.  Awards are given by the state for the best of these publications.  Dee volunteered to inquire about this.

Andre’ (who is friendly with computers) has been reading back issues of the FPHPS newsletters and volunteered to make archived news letters available on the web site.  Information, people, events etc. would be searchable by key words.

It was unanimously agreed that our out-going secretary should be honored at the June picnic.  Since Lois Taylor now lives in Southport, it is not easy for her to cross the river for an evening meeting.  It was decided that a gift certificate for the gift shop would be a nice “thank you”.

Leslie Bright reported a slow down in the Sugar Loaf Earthworks project because the Society is waiting for the Town of Carolina Beach to clear out the undergrowth.

Darlene Bright gave a membership committee report.  Not all members have renewed in a timely manner.  There was a question about a business life-time membership. Juanita was tasked to find evidence of this in past minutes.

Elaine Henson presented two groups of very special donations:

Tommy Gore donated professional 8×10 photographs of 1962 CB life guards and a 1960 Pony League baseball team which included many beach children.

Also given to the History Center was a 1960 Pony League uniform shirt.  Elaine knows about textile preservation and will research the conservation of the uniform.

Tom Gray and Paul Zjichell bought, restored, and re-framed an oil painting of the steamer, Wilmington.  The painting will be placed in a safe, protected area.

Barry moved and Dee seconded a motion to accept these treasured artifacts.

Dee presented the budget with the good news that finances are healthy.   The “square” seems to be responsible for a significant increase in gift shop sales.  Our guests find it more convenient to use a credit card for purchases.  The cook book will be the star of our fund-raising efforts just as soon as the production costs are met.  Darlene also will meet with Wilmington Water Tours about a possible Autumn cruise which is another source of income.

John reported that the fence around the Newton Cemetery is in ill repair and that general grounds maintenance is needed.  There was a question about putting a line item in the 2014-2015 budget to cover new fencing.

Since bank interest rates are disappointingly low in local facilities, there was a discussion about moving the savings to an online bank.

In other business, Barry volunteered to scan old photos owned by the Kures’ into a digital format that could be stored and accessed easily.

It was agreed that the board would meet at 7:00 PM on July 14th to approve the  budget.

John Gordon adjourned the meeting at 8:33

Minutes Submitted:  6/14/14,  Juanita Winner,  Secretary