LeRae Umfleet – World War I and North Carolina

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, November 17, 7:30 pm at the Federal Point History Center, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to Carolina Beach Town Hall.

LeRae Umfleet, Chief of Collection Management for the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, will return to share her newest program.

LeRae Umfleet

LeRae Umfleet

It has been argued that World War I created the modern world by undermining European aristocracy, shifting national borders, industrializing warfare and expanding the public realm of women.

The war also changed North Carolinians. North Carolina emerged from this first global conflict less rural, more worldly and better equipped to serve the nation through industry, military installations and shipbuilding enterprises at our ports.

Although the United States did not formally enter the war until 1917, the first Tar Heels left North Carolina to join the French Foreign Legion 100 years ago in August 1914. However, once the United States declared war against Germany in April 1917, North Carolinians supported the war effort and rallied behind President Woodrow Wilson when he said that America was fighting for democracy in what would be called “a war to end all wars.”

LeRae will be discussing the lives and experiences of North Carolinians on the home front and the battlefield during the Great War. She is particularly interested in sharing the stories of men and women who went to Europe early in the war and sacrificed their lives and safety for what they believed to be right and honorable, well before the US joined the war effort.