Kure Beach Progressive Association – Notes from 1940s

Reported by Ann Hertzler

These notes were extracted from a notebook from the 1940s stored at the KB town hall with minutes of the Kure Beach Progressive Association kept by Ma Fry (Brenda Coffey’s grandmother).


Dec 31, 1945
Fed Point History Assoc
– A meeting of the citizens of Kure Beach was held in the Kure Memorial Chapel Monday night, Dec 31, 1945 with 16 present. Mr. Weinburg, acting chairman, explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways and means of securing fire protection, as the only security now is the insurance carried.… Mr. L.C.Kure would furnish the water and fittings; decided that we purchase 500’ of hose. Property owners were contacted and informed of actions. ($200 pledged, $115 paid)

Jan 8, 1946 “Kure Beach Progressive Association”

  • Chairman Mr. L. E. Wienburg
  • Secretary Mrs. C B Fry
  • Treasurer Mr. L. C. Kure
  • Advisory Committee – Bob Ford, L. C. Kure, F. M. Steinfurth
  • Other Committees elected: By-Laws, Auditing, Financial, Maintenance
  • Mr. Kure reported the hose is expected next week. Cost $284.50

Jan 15, 1946
Mr. Kure made a trip to Fayetteville to look at a fire truck; not successful. Mr. Manning reported a ford truck has been sent to Camp Davis for sale.

Jan 22, 1946
A motion was made to photograph the ponds of water and take before the County Commissioners in regards to sanitary conditions in and around Kure Beach ….

Jan 29, 1946
5th meeting photographs of the ponds, ditches and other places of stagnation have been made by Mrs. Weinburg, to be taken to County Commissioners, … along with as many members as possible, especially the ladies, and ….a signed petition.

Feb 5, 1946
Ways and Means Comm: Mrs. Hewitt, Chr, plans of suppers, dances, shows, Bingo, etc. but the question is where these events are to be given considering meetings are now being held in the Chapel. Mr. Weinburg offers his new building for quick use; Mr. Kure offers his building next to Mr. Flowers Store… Suggestions to secure Brakers Hall dance room for the dances. Two turkeys to be donated by Mr. Flowers and Mr. Kure for a turkey supper.
Col. Pool asked about trash disposal. Mrs. Weinburg volunteered to survey residents willing to pay to haul away all garbage.

Feb 12, 1946
Mesars Kure, Hers? And Ford went to Ft Fisher to see about a Fire Truck – found a building for $50 that can be demounted and moved; and put on a lot donated by Mr.Kure to house the fire truck and other equipment. – Proposal for street lighting explained in detail; and the fire alarm system. (a strong siren and other fire alarms.)

Feb 19, 1946
The turkey supper will be held at Jim’s Café Saturday night the 23, at $1.00/ plate.

March 5, 1946
Mr. Pinkston is trying to secure safety highway signs to be posted at the intersection.

Kure Beach

Kure Beach

March 12, 1946
Mr. King reports that at present time the fire truck is being housed in the McManus Garage. As this is too small he suggests the pipe etc be moved from the pump house to take care of truck. Mr. King reports no siren on truck and suggests we look into this. Meeting of the Home Demonstration Club will be held at Mrs. Tanners Wed. afternoon. Mr. O’Brien announced a Benefit supper for the Chapel will be given Friday.

March 19, 1946
The siren in Wilmington was not acceptable; agreed to order a streamline flasher type for $16.02.

March 26, 1946
Spec Committee: Dr. Elliott gave assurance of full cooperation and with authority from Sheriff Jones. He appointed Chief Pinkston on the health force for our Territory…

April 2, 1946
Mr Kure reports that the Tide Water Power Co had approved our proposal but are unable to furnish the necessary supplies at the present time. Mr. Kure states that if we will join him in setting the poles he will furnish the wire and power for temporary lights – to be discussed.

April 16, 1946
Mr. A Nichols, City Mgr. of Wilmington offers to sell the fire truck we now have for $1250. Mr. King reports lights on Avenue K now complete. Mrs. Tavis reports a Turkey Supper will be given April 27 at the Sea Gull restaurant.

June 25, 1946
Mr. Flowers: proposed constitution and By Laws; held for study till the next meeting. (passed Aug 13) The city manage will accept $1000 for the truck, a cash payment of $600 and $400 to be paid. Mr. Kure reports the drainage proposal has been accepted.