From the President – August, 2013

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

As you may know our officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are one year terms but can be re-elected for an unlimited number of years. On the other hand our board members are elected to 2 year terms with 1⁄2 being elected each year. They can be elected for three consecutive terms (6 years) and then must sit out at least one year.

We thank ALL the people who give their time and energy to the Society. Please note that as of next year’s (2014-2015) a number of our board members will have to rotate off. PLEASE consider becoming a board member when the time comes and let Rebecca or one of the members of the nominating committee know you would like to serve.



July Election — Elected Officers and Board Members for 2013-2014

Officers: (2013-2014)
President: Barry Nelder
Vice President: Juanita Winner
Secretary: Lois Taylor
Treasurer: Demetria Sapienza

Board of Directors:
Thomas Gray (2013-105)
Skippy Winner (2013-2015)
Jim Dugan (2013-2015)
Leslie Bright (2013-2015)
Elaine Henson (2012-2014)
John Gordon (2012-2014)
Byron Moore (2012-2014)
Jean Steward (2012-2014)
Cheri McNeill (2012-2014)