Digital Image Project

Digital Image Project – Moving Ahead   (Jan, 2011)

We have now scanned pictures from three families that have been long time residents of the Federal Point Area. The Kure’s, the Winner’s and the Burnett’s (see pictures below) We’d love to add some more families to our Digital Archive so please keep an eye out for a box of old pics you‟d be willing to have us archive.

What we do is BORROW your pictures for 4-6 weeks. We look through them and scan the ones that are most evocative of the Federal Point areas – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Myrtle Grove Sound, Seabreeze. You give the Society the rights to use the scanned photos in our publications and projects but you get your originals back. We‟ll also give you a CD with all the pictures we scanned which you can pass on to the next generation.

You don‟t have to have lived here “forever.” We need more contemporary pics, too, for our hope is that this archive will be used by people in 25-50 years. We particularly need:

  • Pics of local businesses and older homes.
  • Pics of community events of any period – sporting events, fund raisers, almost any organized activity. Pics of hurricane damage from storms other then Hazel (we have tons and tons of those already)
  • Pictures of local activities like fishing and surfing.
  • Local churches, their buildings and their congregations.
  • Pictures of our natural setting. Beaches, the Cape Fear, local birds,
  • Hermit crabs, and TURTLES!!!

Just about anything but pictures of unidentified people doing unidentified things. Help us tell the story of this many layered area.