Carolina Beach Walk of Fame – Dedication January 3, 2015

Walk of Fame - McKee Family

[Thanks to Island Gazette and WWAY for their great coverage of this event.]

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY)– A dedication of the Walk of Fame in Carolina Beach was held Saturday afternoon. Commemorative stones were placed around the lake to recognize the names of individuals who made major contributions in the history and development of the town.

Walk of Fame - Tom ConnollyAlthough it was a gloomy day on Pleasure Island, everyone had smiles across their faces as the community gathered together.

Chair of the Walk of Fame, Sarah Efird, said the event was “to honor all citizens or people of Carolina Beach that have done outstanding things for the town or for the community, or for the resort part.” The day was extra special for one man whose dream for many years finally came true.

Tom Connolly is the founder of the Walk of Fame. He was a police officer for 22 years and started many youth programs in Carolina Beach. His vision for the Walk of Fame came several years ago with the intention of bringing notoriety and acknowledgment to those who helped shape the community.

Connolly expressed his reasoning for the dedications by saying, “People in our past that were not recognized and I felt they needed recognition for all they have done for Carolina Beach and this is the way to pay them back.”

Walk of Fame - Harper MarkerWalk of Fame - Connolly MarkerWalk of Fame - Winner Marker

During the unveiling ceremony, 10 people were honored. The list includes Tom Connolly, Joseph and Anna Winner, Capt. John W. Harper, John W. Plummer, James R. and Amanda L. Bame and family, Glenn Tucker, Robert “Bob” Weeks, Pat Efird, Kimberly Barbour Munley and the McKee Family. Some people who were recognized dated back into the 1800’s and some who were there to share the memories with their loved ones.

Walk of Fame - Darlene BrightSarah Efird’s mom was honored at the ceremony. “My mother is being honored and she was on the town council for 34 years,” Efird said. “She’s really done a lot to help change this town, I think for the better, and she loved it.”

Each year 5 more people will be chosen for the award and the recipients will be honored with a granite stone.

Tax deductible donations for the continuing work on this project can be made to FPHPS/Walk of Fame and send to the Federal Point Historical Society at P.O. Box 623, Carolina Beach 28428

Walk of Fame - Elaine HensonDedication Remarks – January 3, 2015

Society President – Elaine Henson

 On behalf of the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society, I would like to welcome Mayor Dan Wilcox, town officials, Walk of Fame Committee, family and friends to the first Carolina Beach Walk of Fame presentation ceremony.

Our society is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Federal Point and our beaches. In addition to gathering and preserving historical records and archives, we also operate the History Center and Museum adjacent to Town Hall and invite you to visit us on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday from 10-4.

As I said, keeping our history is what we are about. This Walk of Fame is exactly the kind of project we are proud to support. The men and women we honor today have left their stamp on our community in many and varied ways. Some lived in the horse and buggy days of the late 1800s, some through the roaring 20s and the Great Depression, some through the second half of the twentieth century and some are living today. They have served as visionaries, business owners, government officials, civic workers, volunteers and heroes, but all have made this community a better place to live.

We want to thank the Town of Carolina Beach for their financial support for the Walk of Fame and the Walk of Fame Committee for doing the work of getting it started.   We are proud to be a part of honoring our recipients today and are so pleased you could all be here.


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