August 2020 – The Website Issue

Monthly Programs on Hold

Until It’s Safe to Gather at the History Center

The History Center remains closed.

In Honor of Andre’ Blouin and Nancy Gadzuk

The 2019-2020 Board of Directors of the Federal Point Historic Society has voted to make Andre Blouin and Nancy Gadzuk our newest lifetime members.

We honor Nancy for her diligent and expressive work as Secretary of the Society for a number of years and Andre’ for the vast hours he has put in designing our web site and making sure it stays up to date with the Newsletter and other new postings every month.

First brought online in 2014, our website continues to bring in comments and inquiries on all kinds of aspects of local history and serves as our greatest avenue of engagement with the general public.

Just enter about any search related to a local historical event or person and the Federal Point website will be at the top of the results. None of this could have been accomplished without Andre’s dedication and expertise.