4th Grade Essay Contest Winner: Joey Langhorst

by: Joey Langhorst  – June, 2013 Newsletter

“I think the lighthouse foundation that was found in 2009 should be preserved by covering it with a plastic covering and then nearby showing a movie of the history of the lighthouse.

I think this is a good idea because then people can see  part of North Carolina’s culture and then find out the history.  This could be a way to raise money for endangered species and future projects. Plus tons of people will have another tourist attraction to visit just in case they get bored of the other attractions. To make this possible there needs to be space to build the theater and luckily there’s a ton of space in Fort Fisher (that is available to use!)

Also it seems like this is a good idea because authors and historians have a really accurate place they can find information on the Federal Point Lighthouse. The completion of this idea could even lead to an ordinary kid growing up and then becoming a historian. To make this even better the keeper’s house foundation could be covered with plastic (that is not touching the foundation.)  

A small model of the lighthouse could also be made so people can see what it looked like.  This would definitely attract locals, tourists, historians, authors, and other people, too.”