4th Grade Essay Contest Winners

[Each school year Rebecca Taylor talks to the 4th graders at Carolina Beach School about the lighthouses of North Carolina and especially “our” own light, the Federal Point Lighthouse.The children then write essays. They read their winning essays at the May meeting]

“How do You Think the Lighthouse Foundation Should be Preserved?”
by Bailey Swails

I think that the Town of Carolina Beach should preserve the Federal Point lighthouse foundation by digging up the base of the Federal Point lighthouse and putting the base on display where the base was found. We should put the base of the lighthouse under a thick sheet of glass or plastic. To make sure no one stands on the glass or plastic there should be signs or rope around the foundation.

I believe there should be a sign to show how old the lighthouse is and just the facts on the Federal Point lighthouse. I believe that this move will make tourism grow and that means the Town of Carolina Beach will make more money. I would love for this to happen. I have always wanted to find a lighthouse on Fort Fisher and I have discovered that there is one.


“What Do You Think it Would Be Like to Live at the Federal Point Lighthouse in the 1800’s?”
By Hannah Lawrie

I think it would be hard to live at the Federal Point lighthouse because every day you would have to go up stairs and light the bulb. And if it was in the middle of winter it would be freezing up there! Also you have to try not to drop a lantern or the whole place will catch on fire! The house is made out of wood and the lanterns are filled with oil with fire in it! You would also have to pay for the bulb for the lighthouse, and they are probably over $1,000. Any way people in the 1800’s had to cook in very hot rooms because of the boiling water. And I don’t think the bulb upstairs that is over 100 watts helps very much.

But just getting food is truly hard. To get meat you have to go hunting and for fruit and vegetables you have to grow them. There was no Food Lion, Target, or anything like that so people had to be pretty darn applied to their work!

So as you can tell living here for me would be no walk in the park or sleeping on a bed of roses but you do get to be living in some famous history.