Skip Henson Painting

Featured Business Member
March, 2016

By Tony (Lem) Phillips

Skip Henson - FP Front DoorWe are so proud and lucky to have Charles “Skip” Henson as a Business Member! He is charming and friendly beyond belief as it is but, for the past two months, Skip has tackled the job of refreshing our History Center.

 He has pressure washed it and applied sealants to it. I actually thought it had all been re-stained the first time I saw it after he pressure washed it. Skip is a thorough, professional house and business painter. What he has done for us reallySkip on roof cropped gives us all renewed pride in our Society and our History Center.

Skip, on behalf of every single member of the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society and the community of Carolina Beach where our History Center is located…THANK YOU!!!!

Skip Henson adThe next time you need  painting, staining, mold removal, or pressure washing, please contact Skip Henson and let him know you appreciate what he has done for us and that you too support our History Center.

Charles “Skip” Henson – Painting Contractor since 1979