Coastal K-9 Bakery

Featured Business Member
January, 2016

By Tony (Lem) Phillips

Coastal K-9 Bakery LogoHow could we speak of history without thinking now and then of the beloved pets which accompanied all the historic events and persons throughout? Even though the pets of those we revere and read about may not be mentioned, we know they must have existed. In fact, there is a very good story of one famous pooch who accompanied every single successful running of the Civil War blockade off Cape Fear with his master and then sailed off with him after the war.

Flash forward to today and we find that our pets are still loved and are treated as family. See one Ms. Jackie Oakes. She owns Coastal K-9 Bakery. That’s a bakery dedicated to baking needs for dogs, including beautiful cakes for all occasions, treats, and foods. She bakes them with eye appeal as well as mouthwatering aromas and they are even gluten-free.

gluten freeStop in and look around and you will see things that you never thought possible for your pet. You won’t leave empty handed and when you visit, please tell them that you much appreciate their support as a Business Member of the Federal Point History Center. They provide a very much needed and fun service for us all and we are very proud to include them on our Business Members Banner.

Here’s how to find them. They are located on Carolina Beach Road just south of Strickland’s Supply (Air Force Jet parked there) in Potter’s Square.


5941-D Carolina Beach Road
Wilmington, NC 28412
TF: 866.794.4014  FAX  910.794.4921

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed  Saturday and Sunday