From the President – Nov. 2013

From the President, Barry Nelder

Society Presents 75 year plaque to Carolina Beach School.  

On Saturday November 2nd, the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society presented one of our historic plaques to the Carolina Beach School in celebration of their seventy-fifth anniversary. It was a great event, hugely attended and we were honored to be part of it.

Part of the fun was seeing Juanita Winner, Frankie Jones, and Pat Jones from the “Kindergarten class of 49!”

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From the President – Oct, 2013

From the President, Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

A huge thanks goes out to the members who helped out for Island Day on Sunday September 29. Darlene and Leslie Bright set up our tent and Pat Bolander, Jean Stewart, Juanita Winner, Pam and

Ray Bramhall, Elaine and Skip Henson all spent time at the table giving out our brochures and answering questions.

Thanks also to Don and Sylvia Snook who helped Elaine and Skip tear down and put away all our paraphenalia. It was a great day and another chance to raise our community profile.


From the President – September, 2013

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

Well we got our check for $1000.00 from the Town of Kure Beach. We truly appreciate their confidence in the operations of the History Center. Thanks also to the Town of Carolina Beach for replacing the roof of the History Center AND to the Pleasure Island Foundation for their flattering resolution and $1,000 contribution.

The 4th annual Island Day is scheduled for Sunday September 29, from 1-5 pm. It’s at the new Kure Beach Oceanfront Park this year and we hope to have an educational exhibit again. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS willing to set up and break down our exhibit

and/or to man the exhibit for at least 2 hours that afternoon. If you are available please call Rebecca at 458-0502 and let her know what times you are available.

At the last Board meeting everyone agreed that we need to focus on getting our committees active. So, PLEASE, if you have a little time and have an interest in any of our committees, call Rebecca at 458-0502.

This month we’re featuring the Newsletter Committee. We need persons interested in proof reading and contributing short articles. We could also use someone to work with the oral history transcripts.

From the President – August, 2013

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

As you may know our officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are one year terms but can be re-elected for an unlimited number of years. On the other hand our board members are elected to 2 year terms with 1⁄2 being elected each year. They can be elected for three consecutive terms (6 years) and then must sit out at least one year.

We thank ALL the people who give their time and energy to the Society. Please note that as of next year’s (2014-2015) a number of our board members will have to rotate off. PLEASE consider becoming a board member when the time comes and let Rebecca or one of the members of the nominating committee know you would like to serve.



July Election — Elected Officers and Board Members for 2013-2014

Officers: (2013-2014)
President: Barry Nelder
Vice President: Juanita Winner
Secretary: Lois Taylor
Treasurer: Demetria Sapienza

Board of Directors:
Thomas Gray (2013-105)
Skippy Winner (2013-2015)
Jim Dugan (2013-2015)
Leslie Bright (2013-2015)
Elaine Henson (2012-2014)
John Gordon (2012-2014)
Byron Moore (2012-2014)
Jean Steward (2012-2014)
Cheri McNeill (2012-2014)

President’s Message – July 2013

by Barry Nelder

A huge thank-you to Dean Lambeth and the Kure Beach Town Council for approving $1,000 toward the operation of our History Center! Along with the $5,000 approved by the Carolina Beach Town Council these amounts will go a long way in keeping the History Center open for 150 days durng the 2013/2014
budget year; serving the general public, including both locals and visitors.

Nominations: We hold our annual election at the July meeting.

The Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate. Members are welcome to make other nominations from the floor at the meeting.

President: Barry Nelder
Vice President: Juanita Winner
Secretary: Lois Taylor
Treasurer: Demetria Sapienza

Board of Directors:
Thomas Gray
Skippy Winner
Jim Dugan
Leslie Bright

From the President – June, 2013

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

It’s great to report that we are receiving funding from both Carolina Beach and Kure Beach for the operation of the History Center for the 2013/2014 budget year. That will go a long way in helping us balance the budget for another year.  Please take time to let your elected political official how much we appreciate their ongoing support.

Our annual elections will be held at the July meeting.  The nominating committee has been hard a work on the new slate of officers and board members.  Nominations will be announced at the June meeting and listed in the July Newsletter.

Black Water Adventure

On Sunday May 19 forty-one people boarded Wilmington Water Tour’s cruiser the Wilmington for a Black Water Adventure up the Cape Fear from Wilmington.  From all reports this was a great event with masterful narration by Doug Springer, former Cape Fear Riverkeeper. 

A huge thanks to Doug and Diane and the whole staff at WWT for the smooth and seamless event. Plans are already underway to do another in the fall.

From the President – May, 2013

President’s Message – May, 2013

In the Works: A committee has been convened to look at the preservation of the remaining embankments of the Civil War “Sugar Loaf Line of Defense” located on land the Town of Carolina Beach owns, and is exploring options to develop.

The committee now has representatives from the Carolina Beach Planning Department, FPHPS, NC Underwater Archaeology Lab, Fort Fisher State Historic Site, and UNCW History Department. Stay tuned for future developments.

Cape Fear River Cruise/Fundraiser

Sunday May 19, 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Black Water Adventure!

This year we’re going to try something different.

Working with Wilmington Water Tours, we will travel up the Cape Fear River from downtown Wilmington with Doug Springer, former Cape Fear Riverkeeper, narrating the history and natural features of the downtown waterfront and the Cape Fear River above Wilmington.


Sunday May 19, 2:00-4:00 pm (2 hours)
Light refreshments will be served
Tickets $30.00 per person
Call the Federal Point History Center 910-458-0502 to reserve tickets
We do take credit cards


President’s Message – January, 2013

John Golden

Well, the Christmas Party was a huge success and though Virginia Frances our tireless Social Committee, couldn’t be there due to illness, Sondra Nelder, Peg Fisher and Darlene and Leslie Bright pitched in to pull off another enjoyable event A special thanks to all who brought food to add to the Church’s holiday food drive.

John Golden was, as always, wonderful at leading the singing, and the games Demetria and Rebecca devised kept everyone laughing.

An update: at this point Virginia is still at Autumn Care, but will hopefully be home by the time of our next meeting. Anyone wanting to volunteer to bring refreshments to the Jan. 21 meeting – please call Rebecca 458- 0502.

A work crew that included Darlene and Leslie Bright, Don and Sylvia Snook, along with Jim Dugan and John Gordon managed to get the new shelving assembled, almost. We are missing a few small parts and they should come by mid January and, hopefully, all will be in place by early February.


 Last month’s Christmas party was a stellar success with over 60 members and guests in attendance. The food was great, the games were fun, and John Golden topped off the evening by leading us in singing familiar carols.

From the President – December, 2012

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

Christmas Party:
Again this year Virginia Francis, our hospitality committee in-one-person, has arranged for us to have our Christmas potluck at Kure Memorial Lutheran Church. The date for the dinner is Monday, December 17, which is our regular meeting night. Please plan to be there by 6:30 and please bring a dish to share.

We will also be making donations to their Christmas food drive so bring a few cans or boxes of food to be donated through them to the Help Center. Remember, bring your favorite holiday dish, and a friend or two who might be prospective members.

We’ve just heard that Virginia fell and broke her collar-bone! Not sure how out-of-commission she’ll be for the party but Sonda Nelder, Peg Fisher, and Demetria Sapienza will be pitching in to do all that Virginia usually does.

Last month a work crew got our new archival storage shelving installed. On November 27 the new library shelving arrived. Thanks to Darlene and Leslie Bright, Demetria and Phil Sapienza, and Jim Dugan who unloaded the 600 pounds of wood and metal from the transfer truck. Stay tuned for pictures of our new ”professional” library and archives.