From the President: February, 2015

by Elaine Henson

Elaine Henson

Elaine Henson

This card of the Confederate Monument at Fort Fisher is from a photo from the late Hugh Morton. He captured it against the backdrop of the ocean and the blue Carolina sky.

The monument was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in memory of the brave soldiers and their battles defending the fort from 1861-1865.

The granite block in the foreground is inscribed “Our Unknown Confederate Soldier”

Battle Acre MonumentThe monument was dedicated on June 2, 1932 with ceremonies that included NC Governor O. Max Gardner, UDC President Mrs. Glenn Long and four veterans from the war.

The original dedication date of May 18th was moved to June 2nd to coincide with the completion and dedication of the Inland Waterway (now called the Intracoastal Waterway) at the urging of Louis T. Moore and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

It was reported that there was also a number of cows in attendance who mooed during the ceremony reminding us that the land around the fort was still a rural area in 1932.


From the President: January, 2015

<i>Elaine Henson</i>

Elaine Henson

by Elaine Henson

Since this month marks the 150th anniversary of the fall of Fort Fisher, I chose cards that depict the battle and its site.

As always, my good friend and FPHPS member, Dr. Chris Fonvielle, was my consultant on these and most any question I might have on the Civil War.


Naval bombardment of Fort Fisher

Naval bombardment of Fort Fisher

This card shows the naval bombardment of Fort Fisher. [Click image for hi-res]

At the far left on the horizon, you can see the Mound Battery.

According to Dr. Fonvielle, this image was taken from a drawing by T. F. Laycock and produced as a lithograph by Endicott of New York, NY.

On the bottom left, C.W. Yates was a Wilmington photographer who owned a shop on Market Street where he sold his work and that of others, stationary, post cards and office supplies.


Fort Fisher Postcard

Northeast Bastion – Fort Fisher

This white border card, postmarked in 1924, shows the Northeast Bastion where the sea and land faces met. On January 15, 1865 the fort was attacked from the ocean side by U.S. Naval forces.

Under the leadership of Colonel William Lamb and General W.H.C. Whiting, 500 Confederate soldiers actually turned back the 2,000 sailors and Marines. At the same time 4,700 Union soldiers attacked from the land face and ultimately prevailed resulting in the surrender of the fort.


Last month I shared a post card of Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church when it was on Charlotte Avenue. The first service in this building was held on March 17, 1946. The church’s web site has a link to their history under “About Us/History”. It is very interesting; check it out at


From the President: December, 2014

Presbyterian Church - 205 Charlotte Aveby Elaine Henson

This card shows the Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church at 205 Charlotte Avenue.

The first service in this building was held on March 17, 1946.  The congregation worshiped there until they built a new church at 1209 North Lake Park Boulevard which was dedicated November 10, 1985.  The church’s web site has an interesting link detailing their history.  Check it out at – under “About Us / History”.

Steeple Restaurant 1987 adThe old church was converted into a restaurant in the mid-1980s by Pete Herring.  He named it The Steeple Restaurant and Lounge and was the chef there for a number of years.

Pete was the son of Allen Herring and Juniata Bame Herring who owned and operated the Center Pier and Ocean View Restaurant. Juanita was also the librarian at Roland Grice Junior High School.  Pete’s grandparents were J.R. Bame and Mandy Ludwig Bame, owners of the Bame Hotel.


J.Council'sThe converted church became J. Council’s French American Restaurant and Lounge in the late 90s and later the popular Deck House Restaurant we know today.





From the President: November, 2014

Click - More Detail

Click – More Detail

by Elaine Henson

This card gives us a glimpse of downtown Carolina Beach in the early 1940s at the corner of Lake Park Boulevard and Harper Avenue.

The building on the right is the Carolina Beach Drugstore showing its distinctive battlement parapet; some of the druggists who operated it over the years were Luther Bunch, Wilbur Adams, Neil and Nancy Adams Musselwhite and former mayor Neil Pharr.

You can see a sign near the street which confirms that the drug store also housed a bus station during WWII and beyond. Laney Real Estate now occupies the former drug store.

Carolina Beach’s post office, at that time, was located in the tan building across the street called Brewer’s Inn. Bank of America and its parking lot are now in that spot.

The three and a half story building just left of the drug store (on the card) was Risley’s Cottages and Rooms. It was on the corner of Harper Avenue and Canal Drive and had a grocery store on the bottom level. It sat across the street from the Royal Palm Hotel on the southwest corner of Harper and Canal.

The Royal Palm was remodeled and reopened as the Hotel Astor in 1983. The Astor burned in 2005; its site remains a vacant lot used by the amusement rides in the summer season.

From the President: October, 2014

Elaine Henson

Elaine Henson

Shoe Fly at Pavilion PostcardIn 1887 the pavilion in this postcard opened to excursionists at Carolina Beach. It was located near the end of Harper Avenue on the ocean. That street was named for Captain John Harper, a steamboat captain and one of the partners of the New Hanover Transit Company that operated the new resort.

Captain Harper brought the beach visitors from Wilmington down the Cape Fear River by steamer to a wharf first at Sugar Loaf and later Doctor’s Point. At the wharf they boarded the Shoo Fly train for the rest of the trip to the sea beach with the train taking them right to the back door of the pavilion.

Henry Bonitz, who designed the famous Lumina at Wrightsville Beach, also designed the 1887 pavilion at Carolina Beach. It burned in 1910 and was replaced in the same location with a new pavilion also designed by Bonitz that opened in 1911. This post card shows the 1911 building with swings, slides and other playground equipment for the kiddies.

On the Beach PostcardThe pavilion was the center of activity at the beach during the season with a bath house where you could rent bathing suits and get a shower after a dip in the ocean.

Evenings and weekend afternoons, orchestras played for dancing and concerts. Holiday activities and celebrations were also held there, even boxing exhibitions.

On September 19, 1940 a fire began in the pavilion that destroyed it and over two blocks of the boardwalk including the Bame Hotel.

Amazingly the boardwalk businesses rebuilt in time for the opening of the 1941 season earning the nickname “The South’s Miracle Beach”.

Interestingly, the arcade that burned September 25, 2014 was in the same location as the pavilions and was one of those buildings reconstructed in 1941.

Both fires were in September and 73 years apart, thankfully our recent one was way less serious.



From the President – August, 2014

Elaine Henson

Elaine Henson

I am delighted to begin my tenure as president of FPHPS and welcome your ideas and suggestions.

CB Boardwalk

Click for larger image

Many of you may know that post cards are my passion and I hope to share one from my collection each month.

This one of two lucky soldiers and a bevy of bathing beauties is one of my favorites. You can see many of the boardwalk businesses along each side including Benway’s, Wave Theater, Frank’s, Shooting Gallery, Henderson’s and the irrepressible Britt’s DoNuts.

An August 9, 1941 article in the Carolina Beach Sun stated that an average of 25,000 postcards were being mailed from the beach every week, many from soldiers visiting from nearby Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune and Camp Davis, hard to believe isn’t it? — Elaine Henson

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From the President – July, 2014

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

The June potluck was well attended and the food was, as always, spectacular.

Thanks to Darlene and Leslie for doing the shopping and set up! We really do need someone to take over the monthly “hosting duties” that Virginia Francis carried out so well.

And remember we will be voting on officers and board members for the 2014-2015 year. The slate proposed by the nominating committee is as follows:

President: Elaine Henson

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Nominees for the Board of Directors: John Gordon, Byron Moore, Barry Nelder, Jean Stewart and Andre’ Blouin.


From the President – June, 2014

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

The nominating committee, consisting of Darlene Bright, Lois Taylor and myself, has been hard at work filling the positions for Officers and Board members for the 2014-2015 year.

We will vote on the slate of nominees at our July meeting.

President: Elaine Henson

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Nominees for the Board of Directors:
John Gordon, Byron Moore, Barry Nelder, Jean Stewart and Andre’ Blouin.


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From the President – May, 2014

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder


The Sugar Loaf Civil War Earthworks Preservation Group is moving along with work on the Lewis property. Recently we’ve had another work day clearing the earthworks and Leslie and I would like to thank Marie Metcalf, Richard Both, and Mary Jo Stewart and her husband, for their hard work on Saturday May 3.

The Nominating Committee is hard at work preparing a slate of officers and board members to be voted on at the July meeting. It will be an important meeting, so please plan to attend. Anyone who would like to serve please give Darlene a call.