Cape Fear Lighthouse – presented by: Old Baldy Foundation

Cape Fear Lighthouse

Cape Fear Lighthouse

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society held its monthly meeting on Monday, September 17, 2012 @ 7:30 pm at the Federal Point History Center, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to Carolina Beach Town Hall.

Cape Fear Lighthouse

Cape Fear Lighthouse

From 1903-1958 the Cape Fear Lighthouse stood guard over Frying Pan Shoals from the SE corner of Bald Head Island. But with the opening of the Oak Island Lighthouse it was deemed obsolete and blown up.

Sometime after the light was destroyed it’s first order Fresnel Lens ended up in front of an antiques shop in Wilmington where the individual prisms were sold to tourists passing by.

A few years ago members of the Old Baldy Foundation “found” it and negotiated the purchase of the frame and the few prisms that were left from the children of the original owner.

Mary Beth Springmeier, Executive Director, Chris Webb, President, and Kim Gottshall, Chair of the Lens Restoration Committee of the Old Baldy Foundation visited us from Bald Head Island to tell us the story of how they are bringing the prisms back to the Island, and how we can help.

Gift Shop – New Vintage Postcards

New in the Gift Shop!

Last month (July, 2012) we featured the new Ocean Plaza t-shirts, which are selling well.

This month we’ve added a new line of vintage postcards, note cards and magnets. We’ve found a company in California that reprints postcards from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Luckily they already had a number of images of Carolina Beach in their catalog and we are now carrying them in the gift shop. If these go well we may have others made from the postcards we have in our collection.

Magnets: $4.00

Magnets: $4.00


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Postcards $1.50

Postcards $1.50


We also have signed copies of Kevin Duffus’s two books The Last Days of Blackbeard the Pirate and War Zone: WWII off the Coast of North Carolina.

Kure Beach Progressive Association – Notes from 1940s

Reported by Ann Hertzler

These notes were extracted from a notebook from the 1940s stored at the KB town hall with minutes of the Kure Beach Progressive Association kept by Ma Fry (Brenda Coffey’s grandmother).


Dec 31, 1945
Fed Point History Assoc
– A meeting of the citizens of Kure Beach was held in the Kure Memorial Chapel Monday night, Dec 31, 1945 with 16 present. Mr. Weinburg, acting chairman, explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways and means of securing fire protection, as the only security now is the insurance carried.… Mr. L.C.Kure would furnish the water and fittings; decided that we purchase 500’ of hose. Property owners were contacted and informed of actions. ($200 pledged, $115 paid)

Jan 8, 1946 “Kure Beach Progressive Association”

  • Chairman Mr. L. E. Wienburg
  • Secretary Mrs. C B Fry
  • Treasurer Mr. L. C. Kure
  • Advisory Committee – Bob Ford, L. C. Kure, F. M. Steinfurth
  • Other Committees elected: By-Laws, Auditing, Financial, Maintenance
  • Mr. Kure reported the hose is expected next week. Cost $284.50

Jan 15, 1946
Mr. Kure made a trip to Fayetteville to look at a fire truck; not successful. Mr. Manning reported a ford truck has been sent to Camp Davis for sale.

Jan 22, 1946
A motion was made to photograph the ponds of water and take before the County Commissioners in regards to sanitary conditions in and around Kure Beach ….

Jan 29, 1946
5th meeting photographs of the ponds, ditches and other places of stagnation have been made by Mrs. Weinburg, to be taken to County Commissioners, … along with as many members as possible, especially the ladies, and ….a signed petition. read more

Jones “Neil” Pharr

Nov. 2011

We recently lost a loved and respected member of our community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of J. Neil Pharr, who died on October 19, 2011.

Neil owned the Carolina Beach Drug Store and was the pharmacist there for many years until it closed in the late 80’s.

He was also a two term mayor of Carolina Beach and the thing most remembered about him is that he always tried to help everyone who came to him for help and advice.

Neil grew up in Concord and graduated from the Pharmacy School at UNC-Chapel Hill and worked as a pharmacist at Pike‟s Pharmacy in Concord and then came to Carolina Beach where he became the town pharmacist and friend to all.

Digital Image Project

Digital Image Project – Moving Ahead   (Jan, 2011)

We have now scanned pictures from three families that have been long time residents of the Federal Point Area. The Kure’s, the Winner’s and the Burnett’s (see pictures below) We’d love to add some more families to our Digital Archive so please keep an eye out for a box of old pics you‟d be willing to have us archive.

What we do is BORROW your pictures for 4-6 weeks. We look through them and scan the ones that are most evocative of the Federal Point areas – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Myrtle Grove Sound, Seabreeze. You give the Society the rights to use the scanned photos in our publications and projects but you get your originals back. We‟ll also give you a CD with all the pictures we scanned which you can pass on to the next generation.
read more

Films that Used Federal Point for Location Shots

Oral History Committee – Ann Hertzer

Calling All Movie Buffs!

We are working on a COMPLETE list of films that used Federal Point for location shots. Here’s what Ann Hertzler has collected for Kure Beach so far.

Wilmywood, the Hollywood name for Wilmington, has produced more than 300 films since the 1980s. More than a dozen have featured Kure Beach.  Favorite areas to film have been around the pier and the secluded areas of Fort Fisher.

Prime spots are the ocean, the ferry, the boat basin, and the Aquarium.

1980s   Week End at Bernie’s

1993     Linda
1993     Love, Honor, & Obey: Last Mata Marriage
1993     Twilight Zone: The Theater

1995     To Gilian on her 37th Birthday
1995     Traveler
1996     Hurricane Bertha and Fran

1999     Hurricane Fran – Science Behind The Storm

2004     Loggerheads
2004    Woo on the Tape

Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill were TV series filming in the Kure Beach area.

Weekend at Bernies in the 80s and To Gilian on her 37th Birthday in the 90s both had an entire house built and then torn down.

We would also love to have a list of locals who appeared as extras as well as stories of how the films impacted the local area.

If you can add to our list of films or have other information, please call Rebecca at the History Center 910-458-0502 or e-mail your info to


Federal Point Lighthouse Foundation Uncovered!

[From the December, 2009 FPHPS Newsletter]

Federal Point Lighthouse Excavation. Nov. 2009

Federal Point Lighthouse Excavation. Nov. 2009


Federal Point Lighthouse Excavation. Nov. 2009

Federal Point Lighthouse Excavation. Nov. 2009

On Thursday, November 19, a crew from the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology and the staff of the Fort Fisher State Historic Site uncovered what is believed to be the foundation of the first (and second) Federal Point Lighthouse.   Measurement of the walls and dimensions of the brick floor match known building plans for the original 1816 light almost exactly.

Located east of the Confederate Monument and located directly in front of the location of the Keeper’s Quarters uncovered by Stanley South in the 1960’s, a number of small artifacts, including pieces of glass bottle, period dishes, and any number of Civil War period minnie balls and pieces of canon-balls, were found.

Sadly for lighthouse fans, the site was covered over at the end of the second day to preserve the foundation from salt-water, rain, and drastic temperature changes.  Jim Steele, Director of the Fort Fisher Historic Site, does hope to find a way to “interpret” the location of both the lighthouse and the keeper’s quarters in the future.


Monthly Meeting – Nov. 2009 – ‘The Kure Family Legacy ‘

November Meeting – Monday November 16, 2009

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, November 16 at 7:30 pm at the Federal Point History Center, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to Carolina Beach Town Hall.

Ellen Kure

Ellen Kure


Hans A. Kure

Hans A. Kure

Our program this month will be a showing a section of the video The Kure Family Legacy made in 1991, produced by the Kure Family. Featured in the narration are A.E. “Punky” Kure, Pat Robertson Rice, Mike Robertson and the late Jennie Kure Robertson Bagley.

The story concentrates on the early years from Hans Anderson Kure and his wife Ellen‟s immigration to America and the establishment of their family in Wilmington.

Hans was a ship’s chandler and owner of numerous warehouses and steamers in the early 1890s, when Wilmington was a large and prosperous port. We learn about the first generation, William, Hans, Lawrence, Andrew, and Elene.

Invited to join us for the evening are “Punky” Kure, Mike Robertson, and Pat Rice who will answer questions and lead a discussion on the history of the Kure Family.

The program is in memory of Jennie Bagley, who passed away in September. She was a charter member of Kure Lutheran Memorial Church, and worked at UNC-Wilmington and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Her memories provide a fascinating peek at the early years of the development of Fort Fisher Seabeach, and the Kure Beach pier.


Monthly Meeting Report for November, 2009 – Published in the December, 2009 Newsletter

Over 50 people enjoyed a segment of the The Kure Family Legacy DVD. The segment covered the very early years of Hans and Ellen Kure’s lives and how they came to America and to the North Carolina Coast.

They must have been truly amazing people. Ellen Kure went from being a lady-in-waiting to the Royal Court in Denmark to raising a family and helping her husband build up his business in the primitive conditions of Kure Beach and the more civilized conditions of Wilmington (Most years they spent summers at the beach and winters in Wilmington) before the turn to the twentieth century.

I just love this note in the Bill Reaves files:

“July 4, 1895 FEDERAL POINT. A large number of people visited Carolina Beach and spent a quiet, pleasant day. There was music for dancing all day, which was taken advantage of by a large number. Several fishing parties went out in the afternoon. The surf bathers were on hand in large numbers. Mrs. Mayo and Mrs. Kure had all they could do serving guests with sea delicacies. The last boat to Wilmington returned at 9:30 p.m. and the ride on the river was delightful. WILM.STAR, 7-6-1895.”

A huge thanks to “Punky” Kure, Pat Rice, and “Curly” Shands for answering questions and adding comentary at the end of the film.

What’s in a Name? “Federal Point”

The following appeared in the FPHPS Newsletter in 2002

Federal Point: Monkey Junction to Fort Fisher

Federal Point:
Monkey Junction to Fort Fisher

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society is named for Federal Point Township, which makes up a large portion of New Hanover County southward of Monkey Junction, bounded on the west by the Cape Fear River and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

The peninsula includes many neighborhoods along River Road and Mrytle Grove Sound including Seabreeze.  South of Snow’s Cut lies Carolina Beach, Wilmington Beach, Hanby Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher.

Wilmington Beach was recently annexed into Carolina Beach, and Hanby Beach was annexed into Kure Beach.

Even though some of these communities are relatively new, this whole area is rich in history from prehistoric time, when native Indians frequented the area, through the period of colonization and early settlement, the Civil War and both World Wars.

The earliest mention of Federal Point by name appears on a map engraved by Joshua Potts around 1777.

However, it is generally accepted that it was named during the 1790’s in honor of the new Federal Government and the ratification of the United States Constitution by North Carolina in 1789.

In 1861, with the onset of the Civil War, the Confederates changed the name to Confederate Point, but it was changed back again in 1865 with the fall of Fort Fisher and the occupation of Wilmington.