Sundial on the Boardwalk

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018 retired Judge Gilbert H. Burnett celebrated his 93rd birthday.

He also presented the town of Carolina Beach with a beautiful brass sundial on the boardwalk in a ceremony attended by his family, some of our members, Greg Reynolds from the Chamber of Commerce, Steve Shuttleworth and LeAnn Pierce from council and Town Manager, Michael Cramer.

The sundial is on the Harper Avenue beach access on the boardwalk and includes signage explaining how to read it and adjust for summer’s daylight savings time.

Judge Burnett dedicated the sundial in memory of his parents, John Henry and Ruth Deaton Burnett.  After a long search he found one in the United Kingdom and he received the bill for it in pounds.

The Burnett family lived in Burgaw but built a cottage in 1936 in the 400 block of Carolina Beach Avenue North.  Every summer they loaded eight children and the dog into vehicles piled high with everything from beach wear to Ruth Burnett’s sewing machine for the annual trip to the shore.

Young Gilbert ran a boardwalk Snow-Ball stand from age 12 into his teenage years. It was located where Wheel Fun Rentals keeps their surreys and bicycles now and was one of the stops on our summer Boardwalk Tour.

The Burnett Cottage was destroyed in 1954’s Hurricane Hazel but then rebuilt with the original pine paneling recovered from the wreckage and remains in the family today.

The Sundial is on the Harper Avenue beach access on the boardwalk.

Photo by Jasmine McKee from the Island Gazette.