Joseph Ryder Lewis, Jr. Civil War Park

By Rick Both

For those of us interested in the proposed Joseph Ryder Lewis, Jr Civil War Park, it’s been a pretty quiet summer. But progress has finally been made and we are expecting more progress soon!

CB Earthworks - Ric

Sugarloaf Earthworks

We completed most of the clearing around the earthworks by early summer and have been waiting for the wetlands areas to be marked so we can plan the location and type of trails or walkways for a park.

We now have the delineation of the wetlands completed and are VERY grateful to Southern Environmental Group, Inc. (SEGi) for providing this work for free, as a donation to our project! This was a significant contribution from them as well as a necessary step for us before we could do any further planning.

April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015

With the wetlands areas now officially delineated, we can proceed working with the Carolina Beach Parks and Recreation Department and Town Planners.

Four members, led by Elaine Henson, met with Eric Jelinski, Director of Parks and Recreation for Carolina Beach on August 2nd to offer our suggestions for walkways and trails. Eric will be meeting with other staff from the town so we will, hopefully, have more progress to report soon.

Thank you all for your work in the past and your continued support.

Be assured we intend to pursue this until we have a new park!