News Articles – 1965 – 1969

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star and The State Magazine

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


January 21, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
A Greensboro company was the low bidder on grass planting on the Carolina Beach berm now under construction. The Southern Seeding Service bid $47,404 on the dune stabilization work.
WILM.STAR, 1-21-1965.


February 11, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
The first organizational meeting of the Carolina Beach Improvement Council was held. Jim Knox was elected president: R.B. Kepley as vice president and Mrs. Fred Bost as secretary. The group was organized as a coordinating committee to alleviate duplication of civic improvements among the various beach organizations. The idea was promoted by Mrs. Charles Mathews. The representatives serving on the Council included: Lions Club, Knox and Ernes Bame; Chamber of Commerce, Kepley and Jack D. Davis; Woman‘s Club, Mrs. Bost and Mrs, Edith Bame; P.T.A., Mrs. A.C. Lacroix and Mrs. T.S. Hines; Garden Club, Mrs. Betsy Burnett and Mrs. Troy Shackleford; City Council, Jack Webb and Henry Saunders, and U.D.C. Mrs. Mathews and Mrs. Glenn Tucker. WILM.STAR, 2-12-1965


March 21, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
The Carolina Power & Light Company crews were to carry out construction work on a 33,000-volt line between Wilmington and Carolina Beach. This included customers south of the Inland Waterway at Snow‘s Cut, this including Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher. Crews would be doing work on the Wilmington Beach and Carolina Beach substations at the same time. WILM.STAR, 3-20-1965.


April 29, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
The Carolina Beach town council rezoned the western end of town. The special meeting was also used to create a new zone: RA-12. Rezoned was the area from Fourth Street to Dow Road all the way across town. The area was formerly RA-6. The new zone will demand a 100-foot frontage, 30-foot depth to front yards and 10-foot wide side yards. Before, houses in that area could be built on 50-foot lots. Town Manager Jack Webb said the move was designed to “encourage” the construction of “more permanent residences.”

The town council also opened bids on a front-end loader and municipal street sweeper, but made no decisions. WILM.STAR, 4-30-1965.


May 4, 1965
Two incumbents were among the three men elected to the Carolina Beach City Council. Councilmen Henry E. Saunders and Robert Lamb were re-elected to the Council with 191 and 168 votes. Placing second was Richard B. Kepley with 184 votes. Just below Lamb was E.F. Courie Sr. with 167 votes – one less. The number voting at Carolina Beach were 393. There were 696 registered voters. WILM.STAR, 5-5-1965.


June 8, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
The Carolina Beach Town Council began the study of the budget report. Considerable discussion was given to life guard services on the beach and the need for extension of the services. Permits were issued allowing bands to perform in The Pub and the Last Chance Bar and Grill. WILM.STAR, 6-10-1965


July 28, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
Carolina Beach Police Chief D.L. Tanner resigned. He had served on the police force about 18 years and for the past three years had been police chief. Police Sgt. James Temple was appointed the new chief of police. He asked that the appointment be on a trial basis. Temple had been on the police force for three years, and had a total of about 11 years service in police work. Tanner was allowed to fill the sergeant position vacated by Temple. WILM.STAR, 7-28-1965.


October 19, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
James H. Knox, chief of the Carolina Beach Fire Department, spoke to the Carolina Beach Woman‘s Club on fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire. The club met at St. Paul‘s Methodist Church with Mrs. William Benway presiding. Mrs. Naomi Greene was voted into membership, and refreshment were served by hostesses Mrs. W. L. Burnett Sr., chairman; Mrs. John Fergus, Mrs. D. M. Greer, Mrs. C.M. Randolph, Mrs. Jack Davis, Mrs. E.E. Bowden, Mrs. Carl Ferris, Mrs. J.R. Lewis, Mrs. H. N. Neal, Mrs. Victor Sullivan and Miss Myrtle Caviness. WILM.STAR, 10-19-1965.


October 24, 1965 …. Carolina Beach
St. Paul‘s Methodist Church held its 22nd Annual Homecoming with a former pastor, the Rev. W.M. Wells, Jr., as guest minister. During the past seven years St. Paul‘s had carried on a extensive modernization program. During this period it had erected a new sanctuary, educational building and parsonage.

The church was organized on July 18, 1943, with 33 charter members. The membership of the old Federal Point Methodist Church was absorbed in the new church. Today the church membership was 317 and the church school enrollment was 178. The present pastor was Rev. Thomas C. Fulcher, a native of West Virginia, who arrived in June, 1965 from Goldsboro. WILM.STAR, 10-24-1965.


October 27. 1965
Sarah E. Henniker died. Born 8-27-1887. Interment in Federal Point Cemetery.

December 18, 1965
John K. Lewis Died. Aged 68 years, 1 month, 13 days. Interment in Federal Point Cemetery.

September 29, 1966
James B. Craig, 75, of Myrtle Grove Sound, died in a Wilmington hospital. Interment will be in the Horne Family Cemetery. Born October 14, 1890, the son of the late Louis and Sally Elders Craig.

1966 …. Carolina Beach
Cliff Smith, Sr., one of the owners of the Landmark grill at Carolina Beach, died. He started his place of business at the same spot as a grocery store in 1932. The business survived the Depression years, a 1940 fire which destroyed the building, and Hurricane Hazel. His son, Cliff Smith, Jr., continued the business. WILM.STAR, 9-29-1978.


July, 1967 …. Carolina Beach
The Blockade Runner Museum opened near Carolina Beach to exhibit artifacts, illustrations, and dioramas concerning Civil War times in the Lower Cape Fear region. The owner and director of the museum was John H. Foard, a native of Wilmington. The visual aid dioramas were built by master miniature sculptor, Lionel Forrest; ship models constructed by John O. Railey; illustrations drawn by Charles Frye; and the historical background was provided by John Foard and his brother, Charles.   (THE STATE magazine, July 1983)


December 1967 …. Carolina Beach
The Blockade Runner Museum was commended for its contributions to the study of local history by the American Association for State and Local History.   (THE STATE magazine, July, 1983)


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994