News Articles – 1929

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington News Dispatch

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January 16, 1929
A meeting of property owners of Carolina Beach was held to consider proposed changes in the election law governing the town. An earlier meeting on the same subject was postponed due to non-attendance of most of the property owners. Mayor John Plummer was urging folks to attend this meeting as the existing laws governing Carolina Beach are believed by some to be impracticable and are said to handicap plans for improvements. WILM.STAR, 1-11-1929


February 24, 1929
Wash boring operations, undertaken to determine the material, structure and nature of the sub-soil at the site of the proposed Carolina Beach highway bridge over the contemplated intra-coastal inland waterway canal to be excavated, have been undertaken by T.W. Callahan, contractor.

The wash boring process was essential to the undertaking of bridge construction of consequence. By this means the soil strata to a requisite depth is ascertained and the engineers are enabled to proceed with construction accordingly. WILM.STAR, 2-24-1929


March 2, 1929
The finishing touches on the beach end of the new Carolina Beach Highway were completed today by the West Construction Company. The road was opened for the entire distance last Sunday and it was inspected by approximately 3,000 motorists from Wilmington and nearby counties. WILM.STAR, 3-3-1929


March 2, 1929
Among the bills passed by the N.C. Senate today were: House Bill: To provide for public improvement of the town of Carolina Beach, New Hanover County. WILM.STAR, 3-3-1929; WILM.STAR, 2-20-1929


March 9, 1929
The election board of the town of Carolina Beach, authorized under an act passed in the current session of the legislature, formally organized at a meeting in the office of G.B. Applewhite, 204 Princess Street, Wilmington. The board organized with H.T. King as chairman and G.B. Applewhite as secretary. Another member was L.C. Robertson. An election of officers for the town of Carolina Beach was set for April 2nd. WILM.STAR, 3-10-1929


March 31, 1929
A new hotel and seaside inn was under construction at Carolina Beach, and was to cost $40,000. The contract to furnish labor for the building was awarded to J.A. Smith. Lumber was supplied by the McIver Lumber Company. M.C. McIver was the owner of the new building and he supervised the construction himself. WILM.STAR, 3-31-1929



April 2, 1929
Succeeding John Plummer, mayor of Carolina B each, Dr. A. McR. Crouch was elected unanimously to fill the post of mayor as well as public safety commissioner. Jessie L. Robinson was elected commissioner of public works and E.B. Cox was named to fill the office of commissioner of finance. John H. Niggel, Herbert P. Smith and H.S. McGirt were named for the board of electors during the term.
The elections were made under an act recently passed by the state legislature. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 4-3-1929; WILM.STAR, 4-3-1929


April 3, 1929
The Wilmington Board of Commissioners voted to allow the Carolina Beach Corporation to remove a total of 800 feet of North Third Street old stone curbing, discarded by the city in improving that thoroughfare, On recommendation of Commissioner J.E.L. Wade, the curbing was held at 20 cents per foot. WILM.STAR, 4-4-1929


April 11, 1929
The opening dance at Kure‘s Beach was held between 9 to 12 p.m. Eiken‘s Orchestra supplied the music and Miss Pinkie Mathis performed a solo dance. Miss Cora Cleveland of the Yopp Piano Company had charge of the floor. Admission was $1.00. WILM.STAR, 4-11-1929


April 16, 1929
Actual construction was started on the county road improvement program at Carolina Beach. The work concerned widening the road and providing parking facilities near the pavilion and beach.

In addition to the county‘s program, the Carolina Beach commissioners recently voted to lay 3,000 feet of pavement with light and water facilities along the northern extension of the beach. A 47-room hotel was also being built among many other improvements. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 4-16-1929


May 1, 1929
The Carolina Beach pavilion was to open on June 1st under the management of C.D. Middleton, of Crescent City, Fla. Mr. Middleton had been in Wilmington in the fruit business during the winter and planned to locate there permanently.

Mr. Middleton announced plans for overhauling the pavilion, putting on a new roof and repairing the dance floor. A peppy collegiate orchestra, know as the ‘Floridians’ had signed a contract with a Mr. Middleton to furnish music at the pavilion during the summer season. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 5-1-1929


May 7, 1929
Dr. A. McR. Crouch, mayor and commissioner of public safety; J.L. Robinson, commissioner of public works and E.B. Cox, commissioner of finance, were formally installed as officials of the town of Carolina Beach. A number of friends and residents were on hand for the occasion. Each of the offices were for a two-year term. WILM.STAR, 5-8-1928


May 30, 1929
The Carolina Moon pavilion at Carolina Beach opened with its first pre-season dance amid a profusion of jazz and dancers. Hundreds of dance lovers were in attendance and the floor was fairly filled to capacity. Dell Willis and his Floridians won the hearts of every lover of jazz and waltzes. ‘Carolina Moon’ was used as their theme song.

The orchestra members were: Del Willis, piano, and director; Dan Faulkner, trupet; Wallace Fields, trumpet; Roy Field, tenor sax; Pete Rogers, trombone; Woody Woodruff, drummer; Jack Neal, banjo; Graham Highsmith, sax; Halbert Ives, sax. WILM.STAR, 5-31-1929


June 2, 1929
The Ocean View Hotel, at Carolina Beach, was nearly complete, and the owner, M.C. McIver, announced that it would probably be opened about June 15. The new hotel was situated on the Atlantic Ocean at the end of Route No. 40. It was hardly 50 feet from the water.

The Structure included almost 50 rooms, half of which had a private bath and all with running water. The furniture was due soon and was of the best type available. The hotel was started in April when the ownership of Carolina Beach changed hands. Mr. McIver, the owner, was a well known Wilmington lumber man. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 6-2-1929


June 2, 1929
Specifications were prepared by the government calling for the construction of a detour from the Carolina Beach road to be used during the summer at the time the inland waterway is being cut across the present highway. The detour will be of sand-clay construction and would be less than a mile in length. Bids were being received in the office of Major W.A. Snow, district engineer. (Snow‘s Cut.)  WILM.STAR, 4-30-1929; WILM.STAR, 5-28-1929


June 16, 1929
(advertisement) CAROLINA BATH HOUSE And APARTMENTS. Under Management of F.C. Register and M.L. Winner.  On the Ocean Front. New All Wool Bathing Suits, Shower Baths and Modern Facilities.  WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 6-16-1929


June 16, 1929
(advertisement) BAME‘S CAFÉ, Carolina Beach, Now Open for Season. We Serve Regular Sea Food Dinners. Also Vegetable Dinners and Chicken Dinners. Try Our Fish and Corn Firtters and Coffee – 50 cents. Special Rates to Parties. We Sell $5.50 Meal Ticket for $5.00. We Appreciate Your Patronage. J.R. BAME, Manager. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 6-16-1929


June 16, 1929
P.L. Dawson was now operating the Palace Grocery, at Carolina Beach. He was to sell groceries at city cash and carry prices. Mr. Dawson had been in business at 726 South Second Street in Wilmington for a number of years. The owner‘s policy of selling at the lowest prices was proving successful. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 6-16-1929


June 16, 1929
C.T. McKeithan, formerly of the delicatessen business in Wilmington, was now operating the Seafood Café at Carolina Beach. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 6-16-1929


July 4, 1929
Bids for construction of a temporary bridge over the Inland Waterway, at the point were it crosses the Carolina Beach highway, at an estimated cost of $10,000 was asked for and was to be opened in the office of the Wilmington District engineer.

The temporary span would be constructed for traffic over the 75-foot ditch.
It was announced also that bid for a permanent bridge over the canal at this point, were asked for and the bids were to be opened by the district engineer of July 25th. This structure was to cost approx. $100,000. WILM.STAR, 7-4-1929


October 6, 1929
Off Wilmington Beach, spectators were entertained and amazed while witnessing a sea battle between a large school of bass and a group of porpoises. The school of bass was about 100 yards off shore and soon the porpoises formed a circle around the bass, endeavoring to close in and capture them. The bass were seen as they jumped out of the foaming sea time after time in an effort to escape. The porpoises also tried some aerial stunts while catching the bass. The battle lasted for about 10 minutes. WILM.STAR, 10-8-1909


October 23, 1929
Jesse Robertson and his brother Lynn, while fishing for mullet in the sloughs back of Fort Fisher when the seine they were using carried half a calvary sword. The saber, of a pattern used by the Union forces, was broken in half and the hilt and an out 16 inches of saber was covered with slime and rust. It bore some figures and may give a clue as to whom it may have belonged. The souvenir was taken to the office of the McIver Lumber company to be viewed by the curious. WILM.STAR, 10-23-1929


December 8, 1929
The town of Carolina Beach was incorporated in 1925 with a commission from the government. Officers of the town serve two year. A new commission was installed May 7th – the third to serve the town. The new officers were Dr. A. McR. Crouch, mayor, and J.J. Robinson and E.B. Cox. The retiring officials were John L. Plummer, mayor, and L.T. Landen and Edward Bunting. WILM.STAR, 12-8-1929


December 14, 1929
Bids for the erection of a steel bridge on the Carolina Beach highway at the point of intersection of the Intra- Coastal Waterway, now under construction, were to be opened today in the Wilmington of the North Carolina District of Army Engineers. This was the second time that bids had been received. The first were rejected because of high estimates. The span will be approx. 225 feet in length and was to be of two types of draw bridges. It was not know yet when work on the span would start. WILM.STAR, 12-14-1929


December 23, 1929
By order of the Superior Court a commissioner‘s sale of land was decreed in a special proceeding entitled Dr. R.J. Morrison and others against Howard Hauser and others. Land to be sold at public auction.

First Tract in Federal Point Township – Beginning on the sand dunes in the western shore line of the Atlantic Ocean, corner of J.W. Davis tract of land – to the eastern edge of the Public Road leading from Kure Beach to Fort Fisher – Tract contained 3.47 acres.

Second Tract – Beginning at western edge of the Public Read leading from Kure‘s Beach to old Fort Fisher in the northern line of the J.W. Davis trace of land in Federal Point Township. Tract contained 5.98 acres. WILM.NEWS 12-6-1929


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994