News Articles – 1897

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

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January 1, 1897
The New Hanover Transit Company christened their new trestle by running a train to Carolina Beach. (Star, 1-1-1897)


March, 1897
Repairs on the Carolina Beach dock were about completed. The head of the dock had been strengthened with piling, and the railroad track on the approach re-laid, the old ties were replaced by new ones.

Capt. D.S. Bender, in charge of the government work, reported that it would require ten to fifteen days more to finish the repairing of the New Inlet Dam (“Rocks”). The break occasioned by a recent storm was not only being made good, but the dam was being further strengthened, and extended at the east end so as to extend well over on the sand reaches. About 25 men were on this work. (Star, 3-5-1897)


April 5, 1897
Col. R.A. Jenkins had leased the Oceanic Hotel for the season and it was being thoroughly overhauled and put in good condition. (Dispatch, 4-5-1897)


May 21, 1897
The old bath house had been washed away, but Col. Jenkins, of the beach hotel, was having another more commodious one erected. The hotel will soon open for the season.


May 16, 1897
(advertisement) Hans A. Kure, manager, announced that the Carolina Beach Pleasure Club was now open for the accommodation of members. The management was to spare no pains to make this season the most enjoyable of the club. Ladies and gentlemen friends were cordially invited to come down and try their hand at Ten Pins and Billiards and Pool. (Messenger, 5-16-1897; 6-8-1897)


June 2, 1897
Mrs. R A. Jenkins came from Winston, N.C. to join Colonel Jenkins at the Hotel Oceanic, Carolina Beach. Ten young ladies came down with Mrs. Jenkins to take positions as waitresses in the hotel. (Messenger, 6-4-1897)


June 2, 1897
The family excursion to Carolina Beach was quite a pleasant affair. About 250 persons went down, although the weather was not what was desired. There was music and dancing, and the ladies served delightful refreshments. The boat made three trips down. The last boat brought the excursionists back to Wilmington at 11:20 p.m. (Messenger, 6-3-1897)


June 8, 1897
A license was granted to Hans A. Kure for the sale of spirituous liquors at Carolina Beach. (Messenger, 6-8-1897)


June 9, 1897
The cottage on Carolina Beach known as the “Castle” was for sale. It contained six rooms. It’s original cost was $1,000. Was now offered cheap. (Messenger, 6-10-1897)


June 9, 1897
The new summer schedule was issued for the steamers to Carolina Beach and Southport. The yacht UNDINE was to run in connection with the steamer WILMINGTON. Passengers could leave Wilmington for the beach four times a day and for Southport two times a day. The fare was 15 cents round trip. On Sunday the steamer WILMINGTON was to make two trips to the beach only. (Messenger,  6-9-1897)


June 16, 1897
Dr. and Mrs. Webster, of Siler City, accompanied by their charming daughter, were now occupying their cottage at Carolina Beach for the summer. (Dispatch, 6-16-1897)


June 16, 1897
Mr. Will West was to have charge of the bath house at Carolina Beach this season. (Dispatch, 6-16-1897)


June 21, 1897
Carolina Beach notes:

  • Mr. Robert Morse, of Southport, was the guest of Mr. S.K. Bradford.
  • Two new cottages will be built this month. Work commenced today.
  • Miss Mamie Morris, of Wilmington, was spending a while at the beach, the guest of Miss McDuffie, of Fayetteville.
  • A colored excursion – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church – had full possession of the beach today.
  • The little yacht UNDINE was kept busy between the pier and Southport bringing over the beach parties. (Dispatch, 6-21-1897)


June 22, 1897
The Brooklyn Baptist Sunday School gave a delightful excursion on the steamer WILMINGTON to Carolina Beach. The steamer made three trips and carried about 350 people. Music was furnished and refreshments served. Everyone enjoyed the occasion. (Messenger, 6-23-1897)


June 23, 1897
Carolina Beach notes:

  • A large turtle was captured by Mr. S.D. Bradford in the act of laying eggs. 133 eggs were caught in a bag as she laid them. She measured 4 feet long, from head to tail, and 3 feet wide. The head was seven inches in diameter, and the turtle weighed about 300 pounds. She was turned on her back and later loaded in an ox cart and hauled to her final resting place.
  • Mr. R. C. Banks accepted a position at the club house with Mr. Hans A. Kure.
  • The cottages at the beach included Mr. W.A. French, Mrs. Currie, Mrs. L. Vollers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. R.E. Ward.
  • Mr. R.W. Smith offered his desirable cottage on the south end for sale.
  • Messrs. D. Hanna, G.W. Linder and J.W.H. Fuchs came down and occupied their cottages for the summer.
  • The government dredge AJAX was kept busy dredging the channel around Harper’s Pier. (Dispatch, 6-23-1897)

The annual excursion of St. Thomas’ Catholic Church was held today to Carolina Beach aboard the steamer WILMINGTON. There were various games for amusement and an excellent dinner was served at the pavilion. A vapor stove was carried along and its utility in furnishing meals hot was shown off. Mr. Timothy Donlan, Capt. John Barry, Mr. James Allen and Rev. Father Dennen were in charge of the excursion. (Messenger, 6-22-1897)


June 23, 1897
About 300 people went down to Carolina Beach. . . Some enjoyed walking on the beach and others “disported themselves in the briney deep.” Some remained in the pavilion and joined in the dancing or played ‘Ringing the Geese.” Music for the dancing was provided by a string band. . . The occasion was a fine success and all had a pleasant time. (Messenger, 6-24-1897)


June 24, 1897
Carolina Beach Notes:

  • Mr. D. McEarthern was building two new cottages.
  • The new bath house had been completed.
  • The life line was put out yesterday.
  • A turtle which had been recently captured was butchered by Mr. Will West and was found to contain 613 eggs after laying 133 earlier, making a total of 746. Turtle steak and soup was added to the Sunday menu. (Dispatch, 6-24-1897)


June 24, 1897
This was Methodist day at Carolina Beach and the steamer WILMINGTON carried down about 600 of them. The occasion was the annual excursion of the Sunday School of Grace M.E. Church. About 400 went down on the first boat at 9:30 a.m., and they carried their dinner baskets full of good things. They ate on the beach and in the pavilion. Ice cream and cold drinks were also served. Other boats went down at 3 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. and they all returned to Wilmington at 8 p.m. the steamer was very crowded. (Messenger, 6-25-1897)


June 28, 1897
Dr. J.D. Webster left for Comnock for a few days on professional business.
Mr. W.H. Gerken had taken Mr. R.C. Bank’s place. B.B. had gone to the Seashore Hotel to accept a position as clerk.
Two gentlemen went out to the wreck for about an hour and returned with a lovely string of sheephead and pigfish. (Dispatch, 6-28-1897)


June 29, 1897
Carolina Beach Notes:

  • Mr. D. McEachern is building a cottage at Carolina Beach, and Mr. Neill McEachern is doing the same.
  • The Charlotte Brass Band will arrive at the beach on July 18th and will go into a month’s encampment at Carolina Beach.
  • A list of Wilmington people and others who have gone down with their families are as follows: Messrs. H.C. McQueen, William Wilson, W.A. French, W.A. French, Jr., H.L. Vollers, L.H. Vollers, R.M. McIntire, Rev. G.M. Tolson, R.S. Collins, James W. Collins, J.C. Stevenson, Mrs. C.P. Bolles, L.H. Skinner, S.W. Skinner, G.W. Linder, D. Love, C.W. Yates, Wm. Fuchs, George B. Hanna, Mrs. Annie Hullen, Wesley Corbett, J.A. Springer, W.O. Sullivan, Walter Smallbones, W.P. Price, Mrs. Currie, of Atlanta; Dr. Webster, of Siler City; Prof. C. L. Smith, of Liberty, Mo., C.A. Robbins, of Charlotte; Mr. Christian, of Minneapolis.
  • The Oceanic has a large number of guests. (Star, 6-29-1897)


July 4, 1897
John M. Whiteman, Jr. was the proprietor of the Carolina Beach Restaurant, south of the Pavilion. Meals were served promptly at all hours. Fish dinners were a specialty. (Messenger, 7-4-1897)


July 5, 1897
Since the Fourth of July fell on the Sabbath, the holiday was celebrated on the Fifth of July at Carolina Beach. A match game of ten-pins was played and the prize was a gold medal. The runs of the steamer WILMINGTON to and from the beach was under the auspices of Concordia Castle No. 1, Knights of the Golden Eagle. The committee of arrangements included Messrs. G.W. Carter, J.S. Sheeden, Wm. Simpson, J.F. Casteen, D.D. Cameron and Thomas Tart. (Star, 7-2-1897)


July 10, 1897
Carolina Beach Notes:

  • Work was progressing rapidly on Mr. Neill McEachern’s two new cottages.
  • A horse belonging to Mr. Vrans Swann attempted to take a surf bath and was drowned.
  • Mr. G.T. Durly, of Virginia, had leased the “Castle” and was to occupy it for the season.
  • Many new guests were arriving at the hotel daily and with pretty waitresses and a string band, the Colonel was to have an exceedingly popular house. (Star, 7-10-1897)


July 16, 1897
The residence of Mrs. Susan J. Foreman, in Federal Point Township, about 2 miles below Carolina Beach, was burned. The fire originated from the explosion of an oil lamp. (Star, 7-23-1897)


July 20, 1897
A family excursion to Carolina Beach was to be held under the auspices of the Wilmington Hook & Ladder Company, No. 1. Senor John Francisco’s Italian Band was to furnish music for dancing and Mrs. E. Warren & Son was to furnish the refreshments. The Wilmington Mandolin Club and the Munson Quartette, one of our finest musical organizations, was to render a select program on the boat and at the beach. The Committee of Arrangements included J.K. Williams, H.J. Gerken and W.P. Monroe. The last boat would leave the Beach at 11:20 p.m. (Dispatch, 7-15-1897)


August 5, 1897
A large alligator was shot at Carolina Beach pier. The saucy monster swam all about the wharf and amused the excursionists for an hour or more. An old colored man happened to have an old army musket, and he took a shot at the reptile. The ‘gator’ took off at the report of the weapon his hide containing a dose of lead. (Dispatch, 8-6-1897)


August 12, 1897
Prof. R.B. Reardon, “the colored tonsorial artist,” planned to establish a barbershop at Carolina Beach for the benefit of the patrons of the beach. (Dispatch, 8-12-1897)


August 22, 1897
Rev. Mr. Rondthaler, of Winston, N.C., preached a fine sermon on the hotel piazza at Carolina Beach. (Messenger, 8-24-1897)


August 26, 1897
The S.F. Craig Farm was for sale in Federal Point Township, about 4 miles from Carolina Beach, a tract of land containing about 103 acres, running from the Cape Fear River to the Ocean. About 35 acres were cleared and under fence and under cultivation. The ground was good for truck crops, peanuts, potatoes, etc. Fruit trees also grow well there, and there are also a number of grape vines on the land. There is a dwelling containing five rooms and a kitchen, all in fair condition. The tract will be sold cheap for cash, or will give reasonable time for part of purchase money. (Messenger, 8-26-1897)


September 1, 1897
The members of the new yacht cub to be started at Carolina Beach held a meeting at the City Hall in Wilmington to organize. An advisory board was appointed and included Capt. John W. Harper and Messrs. D.C. Love, H.E. Bonitz, E. Schulken and H.D. Springer. Herbert McClammy, Esq. was requested to draft a charter for the club. The plan and style of the club house was then discussed. It was the unanimous opinion that the building should be two stories in height. have upper and lower verandas entirely around it, and should contain a dancing hall 40 by 60 feet on the second floor.

Capt. J.W. Harper had donated a strip of land on the beach beyond the “Castle” for the site. It was suggested that a name for the new club should be offered by a young lady and a suitable prize awarded. The contest for naming the club would be closed on October 1st. The club started off with a flattering membership of 82. (Dispatch, 9-2-1897; 9-7-1897)


September 27, 1897
The stockholders of the New Hanover Transit Company held their annual meeting in the office of Murchison & Company, on North Front Street, Wilmington. The treasurer’s report showed that the company did a very satisfactory business for the fiscal year.

The receipts were 50 per cent greater than last year, and the net earnings showed a corresponding increase. The company proposed to lay a system of sewerage and put in a new waterworks by the next season.

The following officers were re-elected for the next year – H.C. McQueen, president; D. O’Connor, vice president; John W. Harper, general manager; J.C. Stevenson, secretary and treasurer. The directors were H.C. McQueen, D. O’Connor, John W. Harper, J.C. Stevenson, A.D. Brown, and Louis H. Skinner. (Messenger, 9-28-1897)


October 20, 1897
A meeting of the subscribers to the Carolina Beach Club was held in Wilmington at the City Hall. Herbert McClammy, Esq. presided. The application for a charter was read and discussed. The building plans were exhibited as drawn by Mr. H.E. Bonitz. The plans showed that the building would be an ornament to the Beach. The cost would be $2,500. Permanent officers were to be elected at the next meeting. The ladies were requested to send in names for the club to Mr. W.A. French, Jr. The winner of the name contest would receive a free pass to Carolina Beach for the 1898 season, with club house privileges. (Star, 10-21-1897)


October 28, 1897
The new yacht club at Carolina Beach was named “Atlantic”, which was suggested by Miss Hattie M. Whitaker. For giving the name to the club, Miss Whitaker received the annual pass and privileges of the club so generously offered by Captain J.W. Harper. The new club met at the City Hall in Wilmington to elect officers for the ensuing year. They were: W.A. French, Jr., president; Fred Kidder, vice president; W.A. Wilson, Jr. secretary and treasurer. The Executive Committee included W.A. French, Jr., Fred Kidder, Major D. O’Connor, and Messrs. DeWitt C. Love and D. McEachern. This committee was requested to draft a suitable constitution and by-laws and to pass upon the plans submitted by the building committee. (Dispatch, 10-29-1897)


November 15, 1897
It was announced that work would shortly be commenced on a telephone line to Carolina Beach from Wilmington. The proposed line was first suggested during the past summer but no action was taken. The stockholders of the New Hanover Transit Company made arrangements with the Interstate Telephone Company to build a line to the beach. (Dispatch, 11-16-1897)


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994