News Articles – 1878

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


January, 1878
The Board of Education of New Hanover County ordered that an apportionment of two dollars be made from the school fund per capita to the public schools of the various districts. The apportionment for Federal Point District No. 3 – 82 white children; amount $164; 84 colored children; amount, $168. (Star, 1-16-1878)


January 2, 1878
Mr. Taylor, the keeper of the Federal Point Lighthouse, dined on a fine, fat duck for his dinner on last Saturday, although it was a rather costly duck to the government. On Friday about midnight, Mr. Taylor was attending to his light, when a duck came crashing through one of the large glasses, falling at his feet dead. The duck had
been blinded and lured to its death by the light. The valuable glass was shattered beyond repair. This was the second time that a bird had crashed into the Lighthouse. (Star, 1-3-1878)


January 7, 1878
The steam-tug ORLANDO arrived from Baltimore, which had been purchased by George Z. French, Esq., who had the contract for the present year for closing up New Inlet, and it was designed to take the place of the tug ROYAL ARCH in towing flats to and from the government works at New Inlet and the rock quarry near Rocky Point. Mr. French had four or five new flats constructed for this purpose. Capt. James Williams of Wilmington was in command of the ORLANDO. (Star, 1-8-1878)


January 7, 1878
Henry G. Davis resigned as overseer of the Federal Point Road, and W.H. Williams was appointed to the position at a meeting of the New Hanover County Commissioners. (Star, 1-8-1878)


January 12, 1878
The steam tugboat ROYAL ARCH, formerly employed in towing flats to and from the government works (Rocks), started for Baltimore, but in attempting to go out through New Inlet, which had been partially closed, she grounded on the Rocks, or “apron” comprising a part of the dam, and she remained there for about 9 hours until the flood tide came in and she floated off. The accident resulted in damage to her propeller and some other slight damage, and she was put on the marine railway for repairs. (Star, 1-16-1878)


February, 1878
It was reported that from October 20, 1877, 11,129 cubic yards of stone had been placed in position at New Inlet by the contractors, Bangs & Dolby. The stone was purchased at Rocky Point, N.E. Cape Fear River. VOL.I.


April, 1878
Col. Craighill suspended work on the closing of New Inlet due to the need of funds from Washington, D.C. VOL.I


June, 1878
An appropriation of $160,000 was made by Congress for the government work at New Inlet.


August, 1878
Three hundred men were wanted for work at the Excelsior Quarries near Rocky Point to work quarrying stone for the New Inlet work. Steady work for a year was promised. VOL.I


November, 1878
The New Inlet work continued. The old breakwater of 1873 was repaired. A. Mr. Cunningham, resident superintendent of the works for the past 8 years, was transferred to Charleston harbor. VOL.I


December, 1878
A storm carried away about 50 feet of the breakwater at New Inlet on the Zeke‘s Island side. VOL.I.


August 5, 1878
Messrs. French & Dolby of Wilmington were awarded the contract for supplying about 50,000 cubic yards of stone for continuing the work for the closure of the New Inlet, on the eastern side of the river below Wilmington. Their bid was $1.75 per cubic yard. (Star, 8-8-1878; 8-13-1878)


August 11, 1878
(advertisement) – 300 Men Wanted at Excelsior Quarries at Rocky Point to work quarrying stone for the U.S. Government Works (New Inlet). Steady work for a year. Thomas Williams was the superintendent. (Star, 8-11-1878)


September 10, l878
A large number of blacks left New Bern, N.C. for Rocky Point, N.C. where they were to be employed by the U.S. government in getting out stone from the quarries to be put in New Inlet. John C. Thomas of Wilmington was to be one of the overseers. (Star, 9-10-1878)


September 10, 1878
A group of 24 men from Beaufort, N.C. under a Capt. Hamilton, with a small vessel and a fine, large seine, had established a mullet fishery on the beach near the Federal Point Lighthouse, where they expected to remain during the fall months. A couple of days ago that caught 300 barrels of mullets in two hauls, 100 by the first and 200 by the second. Owing to the hot weather, they only succeeded in saving one-half of them. (Star, 9-10-1878)


November 1, 1878
A grand Democratic rally was held at Biddle‘s Store in Federal Point Township. Messrs. B.R Moore, J.D. Bellamy, Jr., F.H. Danby and J.I. Macks were expected to address the people on the occasion. (Star, 10-30-1878)


December 11, 1878
The recent storm carried away about 50 feet of the breakwater at New Inlet on the Zeke‘s Island side. (Star, 12-11-1878)
Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994