August Meeting, Crossing the Wake

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, August 21, 7:30 p.m. at the Federal Point History Center, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to Carolina Beach Town Hall.  

This month our speaker is author Tanya Binford. Her book Crossing the Wake is the story of how she walked away from her stable life into a voyage unknown – a solo six-month boating excursion circumnavigating the Eastern United States in a 25 foot Ranger Tug Boat.

As a single mom and a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Binford seemingly had little time for chasing dreams, but couldn’t shake her fiery urge to sail the Great Loop (a 5,000 mile journey looping through Atlantic Ocean waters, Great Lakes, rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico).

When her boat falls behind the group, she quickly finds herself out of her element, but not out for the count. Now as the first lone woman on the Great Loop expedition, Tanya’s journey becomes internal as she discovers her strength and independence.

Crossing the Wake: One Woman’s Great Loop Adventure is both beacon of hope and an emotionally transformative tale anyone eager to test their own strength will enjoy. A motivating read guaranteed to energize readers into pursuing their passions.

Author Tanya Binford grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She got married in her second year of college and dropped out when she was pregnant with her daughter at 19. Her son was born two years later. When her children were young, she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. After a difficult ten year marriage, she divorced and went to nursing school to earn her associates degree in nursing.

After becoming a nurse, she moved to Tucson, Arizona, where she lived for the next 14 years. During that time, she obtained her advanced degree and became a psychiatric nurse practitioner, working in public mental health. For ten years, she practiced as a nurse practitioner in Nogales, AZ, the later years through tele-psychiatry, out of her home in North Carolina.

At 51, she took a year off work to fulfill her dream of circumnavigating the Great Loop cruise route.

StarNews:  Southport resident travels 5,000 miles solo in 25-foot boat



From the President – August, 2017

By Elaine Henson

Many of you have undoubtedly heard the news about the ocean front Carolina Surf Condominium at 102 Carolina Beach Avenue South being condemned.  It seems that the four story, 28 unit condo built in 1986 has a “lack of structural integrity” with metal support beams corroded to half their original size. It got me thinking about what was at that location before the Carolina Surf was built.

For several summers in the 1980s our family rented a cottage right across the street from the Accordion Motel which was then at that address.  The Accordion was a large 2 story, “U-shaped” building with asbestos shingling.  The rear rooms faced the ocean with a pool in the center of the U as seen in this post card from the 1950s.

The picture taken by renowned Wilmington photographer John Kelly, whose studio/home was at Third and Greenfield Streets near Greenfield Lake.  Note the guests sitting on blankets, folding aluminum chairs with woven webbing didn’t become popular on the beach until the 60s.

You can also see a rock jetty beside the motel.  Jetties, made from rocks or creosote poles, were used in a futile attempt to keep the sand from washing away back then.

The motel had 30 pine paneled rooms and baths all “cross ventilated” which is good because I don’t see any window units.  It was owned and operated by Alice and John Washburn who advertised that it was “Just a wee bit nicer” and later “Just a wee bit better”.

John William Washburn was an accomplished accordion player and loved to sit on the porch and play. He decided to name his motel for this unusual feature so guests wouldn’t forget the name or his nightly serenade.

John was also the mayor of Carolina Beach from 1959 to 1961.  The Washburns later sold the motel to Ree and Jackie Glisson who put in air conditioning units, enlarged the pool to 48 feet and made other improvements.  This card shows it under their ownership. The Glissons operated it for several years before it was sold and torn down to make way for the Carolina Surf.


Federal Point Methodist Church, St. Paul’s Methodist Church and the Federal Point Methodist Cemetery

From the Bill Reaves Files

June 17, 1917: The new Methodist Church at Federal Point, which had just been completed, was dedicated at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Rev. J .H. Shore, presiding elder of the Wilmington District of the N.C. Conference, delivered the sermon. It was said at the time -This church will stand as a fitting tribute to the memory of the handful of loyal Methodists who live in this section of the county.  Although the county in this vicinity is very sparsely settled, the people have erected a church that is a distinct credit to their community. WILM. STAR, 6-19-1917

April 3, 1938:  The family of A. W. Hewett gave the Federal Point Methodist Church a silver communion service in his memory. WILM. STAR, 4-7-1938

February 12, 1945: Construction of a new Presbyterian church in the downtown area of Carolina Beach was begun.  The building materials had been ordered and work was to begin as soon as they arrived. John McLeod, student at the Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va., preached for the Carolina Beach congregation in the Methodist Church building.  WILM. STAR,  2-9-1945.

April 21, 1946: The 4th annual Easter Sunrise Service was held at Carolina Beach.  The service began at sunrise, 5:30 A.M.  The sponsoring churches were Carolina Beach Baptist Church, St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church, Federal Point Methodist Church, All-Saints-By-The-Sea (Episcopal), Church of the Immaculate Conception (Catholic), and the Community Church.  WILM. EVENING POST, 4-20-1946

February 8, 1947: The pastors of Carolina Beach’s Protestant churches today were members of a new Carolina Beach Ministerial Association organized last night.  The Rev. Ben B. Ussery, pastor of the town’s Baptist church, was elected president, and the Rev. John D. McLeod, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, was named corresponding and recording secretary.  The other constitutions belonging to the association were the beach’s Methodist and Community Churches.  The Episcopal Church is expected to join also. At the organizational meeting, preliminary plans were laid for the resort’s fifth annual Easter Sunrise service.  WILM. POST, 2-8-1947

April 4, 1947: A three-act dramatization of THE FIRST EASTER MORNING was presented by the Young Adult Class of St. Paul’s Methodist Church.  The public was invited to this part of Carolina Beach’s pre-Easter observance program.  Included in the cast were: O’Neill Johnson, Homer Craver, Mike Bame, Jack White, Ryder Lewis, Chevis Faircloth, Jimmy Busch, Ernest Bame, Bunny Hines, Glenn Eaker, Rachel Bame, Ellen White, William McDougald, Edwin Carter, Sallie Faircloth and Ruby Knox.

Serving on the committees for the presentation were: Virginia Beach, Mrs. Odell Oldham, Mrs. Woodrow Hewett, A.L. Mansfield, Mrs. George Russ, Francis Ludwig and sons, Mrs. Edwin Carter, Mrs. Bunny Hines and Mrs. Sam Frisbee. WILM. NEWS, 4-2-1947

April 25, 1947: Plans were underway for the construction of an educational and recreational building for the young people of Carolina Beach.  The program was being handled by the Methodist Youth Fellowship committee, and all members were joining the campaign to raise funds.  A seafood supper on April 26th was the initial step in the fund raising.  The supper was to be held at Mrs. Reynolds Boarding House, operated by Mrs. R.W. Reynolds.  The building and facilities on the playground were to be located on the property of the Methodist Church. WILM.NEWS, 4-25-1947

November 12, 1947: Members of the Federal Point Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, elected their officers for the new year. The officers of the church were J. Otis Davis, Charge Lay Leader; the board of trustees included Dave Lewis, O.W. Davis and Mrs. J. N. Todd.  The communion steward was Mrs. J. N. Todd; membership committee, Mrs. Dave Lewis; pastoral relations committee, Mrs. G. C. Henniker; nominations committee, W. T. Lewis and Miss Beatrice Davis. Audit Committee, J. Otis Davis; golden cross, Mrs. O. W. Davis, board of missions and church extension, Mrs. J.O. Davis; committee  on evangelism, Mrs. W. T. Lewis; parsonage committee, Miss Beatrice Davis.  Stewards included J .O. Davis, W. T. Lewis, George H. Henniker, and Dave Lewis; parsonage trustees, Lee O. Davis. Officers of the Sunday School included Mrs. Ray Peterson, Dave Lewis, Mrs. J. O. Davis, Miss Beatrice Davis, W. T. Lewis.  WILM. STAR, 11-16-1947

February 6, 1948: Mayor A. P. Peay, of Carolina Beach, proclaimed today as a “Day of Prayer” at the resort.  This special day corresponded to a worldwide observance of a “world Day of Prayer.”  Special prayer services were conducted at St. Paul’s Methodist Church with a picnic lunch on the church grounds.  WILM. POST, 2-5-1948

October 24, 1965: St. Paul’s Methodist Church held its 22nd Annual Homecoming with a former pastor, the Rev. W. M. Wells, Jr., as guest minister.  During the past seven years, St. Paul’s had carried on an extensive modernization program.  During this period it had erected a new sanctuary, educational building and parsonage.

The church was organized on July 18, 1943, with 33 charter members.  The membership of the old Federal Point Methodist Church was absorbed in the new church.  Today the church membership was 317 and the church school enrollment was 178.  The present pastor was Rev. Thomas C. Fulcher, a native of West Virginia, who arrived in June, 1965 from Goldsboro.  WILM. STAR, 10-24-1965

February 8, 1985: Dow Road on Federal Point, one of New Hanover County’s biggest eyesores, was being cleaned up by many volunteers.  The project was dubbed “Operation Clean Sweep,” and it was organized by the New Hanover Clean Community Commission and a ranger from Carolina Beach State Park.  The two day cleanup started today when heavy equipment from the Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal and Carolina and Kure Beaches were used to pick up large items dumped in the area.  The area near the Federal Point Cemetery at Dow Road and Ocean Boulevard were policed by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies and members of the Sand Fiddlers Club.  Other volunteers included firefighters from Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Federal Point and residents of the Fort Fisher Air Station, as well as members of Community Watch and the Carolina Beach Homemakers Club.  Between 300 and 400 refrigerators and stoves as well as construction debris, sofas and mattresses had been dumped in the clean-up area.  St. Paul’s United Methodist Church was planning to fence off the cemetery to keep dumpers out.  WILM. STAR, 2-9-1985


Society Notes – August, 2017

2017 Elected Officers and Board of Directors
(Election was held at the July meeting)

President: Elaine Henson
Vice President: Juanita Winner
Secretary: Nancy Gadzuk
Treasurer: Jim Kohler

2017 Elected Board of Directors:
Jim Dugan
John Moseley
Jay Winner
Brenda Coffey

Officers & Full Board of Directors

The Society owes a big thanks to Gil Burnett (right) for leading a group of us on a tour of the Boardwalk, pointing out where many of the iconic businesses of yesteryear were located. Now I finally know where his snowball stand was.  We hope to do weekly tours next summer, and this was great training for those who will be doing them, in 2018.

Society Notes

By Darlene Bright, History Center Director

Thanks to Cheri McNeill, Darlene Bright, Leslie Bright, Jim Kohler, Jean Stewart, and Paul Slebodnik for working at our table on the Boardwalk on Tuesday evenings. Tuesday didn’t turn out to be a great night and we hope to try a different evening next year.

Thanks to Helen James, Eileen Shober and Linda Ogden for providing refreshments at the July meeting.

The History Center recorded 97 visitors in July. We had 42 in attendance at the July meeting.

The History Center was used for a meeting held by the Got-Em-On Live Bait Fishing Club.

Welcome to new business members Michael and Amy Purvis of Kure Beach and Jeff and Leslie Cohen of Wilmington.