Society Notes – April, 2012

Darlene Bright, History Center Director

  • This month we recorded 29 members and guests at our March meeting and program. We had 55 visitors to the History Center, as well at eight visitors on “Be A Tourist” day March 3. The Fonvielle walk to Sugar Loaf brought in another 24. The gift shop took in $ 87.94.
  • Thanks to our History Center Volunteers; Lois Taylor, for helping with the Newsletter and covering the desk, Demetria Sapienza for her work on the History Center’s photographic collection as well as all the work she does as Society Treasurer. Thanks also to Ron Griffin and Darlene for covering the desk for me to be off, and to Cheri McNeill for proof reading the Newsletter again this month. Our stealth cleaners this month were Ron Griffin and Virginia Francis. – thanks so much! It is really making a difference in how the History Center looks to have a good cleaning once a month. Thanks as always to Darlene who keeps the History Center afloat with her knowledge, time and energy.
  • Treasurer’s Report: We’re now in the process of preparing our annual budget requests to the Towns of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. That money is always earmarked for History Center operations and continues to be the primary reason we can keep the Center open to the general public three days a week.
  • New Members: Welcome to Norm Melton from Wilmington, Mary Grinnell of Carolina Beach, and Melanie and Sam McDonald of Carolina Beach.

The Bicentennial of The War of 1812 in North Carolina

The “Other” Commemoration

Dolly Madison

Dolly Madison

With all the brouhaha over the Civil War Sesquicentennial it seems that the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 has snuck up on us – even though the year is right there in the name. But it didn’t sneak up on the people at North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. They’ve got a great web site up with all kinds of information about the role North Carolina played in the war as well as information on a major Symposium being planned for Beaufort on June 29th.

The War of 1812 Committee has partnered with the North Carolina Maritime History Council, the Daughters of the War of 1812, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, and the Friends of the Maritime Museum to develop an informative symposium that will be on June 29th, 2012. Prominent scholars will be on hand to present information on the importance of the War of 1812, and North Carolina’s role in the war effort, with emphasis on the naval war.


[Pictures are from the NCDCR web site]


Web sites of interest on the War Of 1812

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

NC DCR Archives and History:

Information on “famous” North Carolinians who contributed to the nation’s defense including Dolly Madison, General Andrew Jackson, Otway Burns, and Captain Johnston Blakely:

For those of you who are true military history buffs:

The Known Military Units from North Carolina:

A great online exhibit of artifacts from the period:

The life of North Carolina coastal hero Otway Burns

The defense of Wilmington

Oral History – Brenda Coffey – Part 4: ‘Kure Beach Celebrates’

Compiled and edited by Ann Hertzler

Brenda Coffey’s grandmother was secretary of the Progressive Action Committee organized to make Kure Beach a town. In 1947 when Kure Beach was incorporated they entered a Fishing Float in the First Azalea Parade in Wilmington. (see picture below). 

Brenda’s grandmother (Ma Fry) is in the middle with the fishing bonnet. Brenda’s grandfather (Pa Fry) is on the back waving. The picture shows the little children that were on the float – probably both of Margaret Ford’s boys and Doris Stathus. Brenda had the mumps and couldn’t go. The fish balloons hanging over the side were put on the float to look like they were catching fish.

Kure's Fishing Float in the First Azalea Parade in Wilmington.

Kure’s Beach’s Fishing Float in the First Azalea Parade in Wilmington.

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Monthly Meeting Report – April, 2012

Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly

Our meeting of April 16 was something different.

We held the opening of our new exhibit: Development Through Leisure: A History of Beach-going in Carolina Beach.  An exhibit by Devin Kelly, Senior, UNCW

If you haven’t see the exhibit please stop by the History Center and take a look. You’ll see the full development of the Carolina Beach/Kure Beach area from Captain Harper and his Shoo-Fly train to the Life Guards of the 1950’s.

Devin Kelly, a senior in Public History at UNCW spent her senior year researching and creating this “beachy” exhibit — with the help of Dr. Tammy Gordon of the UNCW history department.

Devin Kelly, a senior in Public History at UNCW has been working on a new exhibit for us this entire school year. We will “cut the ribbon” on the exhibit and Devin will take a few mintues to share some of the things she learned about the beaches of the Federal Point area.

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