Oral History – Brenda Coffey – Part 2: ‘Kids in Kure Beach’

Compiled and edited by Ann Hertzler

Brenda Coffey

Brenda Coffey

Brenda went to elementary school at Carolina Beach for grades 1 through 6. The children caught the school bus on the corner at Canoutas’ Restaurant which next stopped in Carolina Beach. All the Beach children, probably 25, were bussed to Sunset Park for 7th, 8th and 9th grade crossing over the swing bridge. Everyone sang. The children threw wadded paper but the boys always got caught. Brenda went to New Hanover High School graduating in 1959. The trip was 55 minutes into school and the same amount of time home at night.

Mr. Andrew Kure walked through the little alley way between Fundy’s Restaurant and Canoutas’ buildings and dropped coins for Brenda to find almost every day– a penny, a nickel, or a dime. That was a lot of money then. He would wait and see Brenda’s reaction when she would pick it up. She didn’t know he was dropping it until much later.

What did kids do? Brenda was allowed to go to the beach in the day time, but not after dark. Brenda loved to play miniature golf at Big Daddy’s corner as did all of the kids from the beach. They’d say, let’s all go to the beach and they would all go down carrying their blankets. You always carried a blanket. Nobody had chairs. No one had cars. They might go body surfing. Fishing was a main thing. There was always somebody to play with or some place to go. They’d play in the water, go for walks on the beach, look for shells, sit out on the pier, just talk, and be a teen. It was an innocent time. read more