Digital Image Project

Digital Image Project – Moving Ahead   (Jan, 2011)

We have now scanned pictures from three families that have been long time residents of the Federal Point Area. The Kure’s, the Winner’s and the Burnett’s (see pictures below) We’d love to add some more families to our Digital Archive so please keep an eye out for a box of old pics you‟d be willing to have us archive.

What we do is BORROW your pictures for 4-6 weeks. We look through them and scan the ones that are most evocative of the Federal Point areas – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Myrtle Grove Sound, Seabreeze. You give the Society the rights to use the scanned photos in our publications and projects but you get your originals back. We‟ll also give you a CD with all the pictures we scanned which you can pass on to the next generation.
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Oral History – Dub and Hazel Heglar – Part 4: ‘Police – Fire Department – Town Hall’

by Ann Hertzer

Dub was the only man that did every job in Kure Beach except the office work. Dub worked for a construction company until a replacement was needed at Kure Beach. When Dub first went to work, there were 2 others –Ed Smith and a man named Fisher who had been a policeman. One day a week trash was collected on a flat bed truck from residents and the few businesses that were here. Summertime pickup was 4 or 5 times a week for restaurants who paid extra. All trash went to the private trash landfill near the end of H St.. They kept that flatbed truck until the latter part of the ’60s when they hauled trash to the landfill on the other side of Wilmington.

Dub joined the fire department to help fight fires when he first went to work for the town. They already had the fire truck – old, but it was a fire truck. A lieutenant from the Wilmington fire department came about every year to hold up-date classes on how to fight fires and how to take care of the equipment. They still do that. The fire department was in the community building on third street – the kitchen was the town hall; the big area was the fire department where the truck was housed, and the police department was behind it all.

After a while KB got 2 trucks. If a fire was happening, they’d blow the siren and use telephones. They didn‟t have radios. Most of the volunteers worked or lived on the beach – a lot of them worked and couldn’t come. They wanted as many as they could get that lived at Kure Beach to back it up.

Dub has been chief of police in Kure Beach 5 times! All the town was required to do was have a Chief of Police- no training required. Dub’s longest stint was 6 months. Every time a policeman quit or was fired, they’d swear Dub in until one was hired. The only thing furnished Dub was the little police station back of the fire truck in the Community Building. For a serious crime Dub would have called the County Sheriff’s Department for qualified people.
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