Films that Used Federal Point for Location Shots

Oral History Committee – Ann Hertzer

Calling All Movie Buffs!

We are working on a COMPLETE list of films that used Federal Point for location shots. Here’s what Ann Hertzler has collected for Kure Beach so far.

Wilmywood, the Hollywood name for Wilmington, has produced more than 300 films since the 1980s. More than a dozen have featured Kure Beach.  Favorite areas to film have been around the pier and the secluded areas of Fort Fisher.

Prime spots are the ocean, the ferry, the boat basin, and the Aquarium.

1980s   Week End at Bernie’s

1993     Linda
1993     Love, Honor, & Obey: Last Mata Marriage
1993     Twilight Zone: The Theater

1995     To Gilian on her 37th Birthday
1995     Traveler
1996     Hurricane Bertha and Fran

1999     Hurricane Fran – Science Behind The Storm

2004     Loggerheads
2004    Woo on the Tape

Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill were TV series filming in the Kure Beach area.

Weekend at Bernies in the 80s and To Gilian on her 37th Birthday in the 90s both had an entire house built and then torn down.

We would also love to have a list of locals who appeared as extras as well as stories of how the films impacted the local area.

If you can add to our list of films or have other information, please call Rebecca at the History Center 910-458-0502 or e-mail your info to


Monthly Meeting Report – January, 2010

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society held its monthly meeting on Monday, January 18 at 7:30 pm at the Federal Point History Center, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to Carolina Beach Town Hall.

Fort_Fisher_HermitThis month’s speaker was Fred Pickler, the author/illustrator of the new book The Life and Times of the Fort Fisher Hermit: through the lense of Fred Pickler.

Fascinated by the Hermit since his Boy Scout years, Fred has had a varied career in trucking, law enforcement, and sales of international arms. With Life and Times he returns to his roots and presents a photographic tribute of one of the area’s most “original” residents.

Pickler also gives full documentation to Harrell’s somewhat mysterious death. Fred will tell us just what made Robert Harrill such a unique and special local “attraction.”